Thinking of going long silver here..

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by simon1080, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. What do you think?

    As a over all hedge to the possible downfall of the dollar / hedge against market downturn.

    I believe Silver is under valued at these levels compared to gold .. so Id want to capture the spread difference as well as it moves up to fill the correlation gap with gold!

    Any thoughts?
  2. I'm long SLV and SLW right now but part of me worries that my thinking is too simplistic.
    bailouts -> inflation -> precious metals up.
    Aside from the big day wednesday , there really doesn't seem to be a rush into gold and silver yet. both are lower than they were a couple of weeks ago. I would have thought that the possibility of financial systems collapsing and the gov't potentially spending hundreds of billions to stop it would have caused precious metals to soar.
    Am I missing something? Is deflation just as likely because of massive deleveraging?
    I'm out of my element here so I'd appreciate it if someone could give arguments against gold and silver. thanks!
  3. I posted this elsewhere in metals forum

    the other day

    silver is too low

    09-21-08 05:50 AM

    the silver train is slowly leaving the station

    hope to see prices way above $13 ... $ 14 yada yada yada

    in the next few months

  4. Son of a bitch.

    I guess the hedge funds caught on after I posted this yesterday.

    :D :D
  5. look at $gold:$silver ratio

    nothing is ever a sure thing, but it does suggest opportunity
  6. Yes I went long silver this morning.

    Up some 4% so far.

    Its starting to make a run to close gap with gold!
  7. I noticed it too. A while ago I noticed gold's decline was like 20% but silver's was closer to 50%. So my thinking was that silver would outperform. This is pretty much opposite of how everyone else usually thinks especially about stocks (they say to pick the stock that went down the least).

    I'm long both gold and silver, so far silver has made me more money.

    I also think the dollar is screwed. I posted about this last week when the dollar went up during the crisis. I didn't understand it. Now people are wondering where that 700 billion is going to come from. :)
  8. the gold/silver ratio has some importances between itself and stocks

    like 5000 years of human history, for starters

    that ratio went from about 45 to 75 in the blink of an eye

    tech analysis of a stock would suggest it can go much higher

    but history of gold and silver suggests that's unlikely