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  1. Inspiring! I hope to hit my 1 million mark in the next 2 years as well at age 25. Started with $2,500. Just hope the markets remain in tact and trade-able.

    What are you doing with those lump sums of cash, any investments in gold, silver or other commodities to hedge against devaluation?
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  2. Ban this troll !
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  3. mksummny you say your into ministry i don't get it. if you wanted to talk with those people you could of messaged them directly. you came on here looking to tell someone your awesome kind of paints you as a dushbag. i think its great if everything you said is true and i wish you well in your life journey.
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  4. that was not my intent. I am looking for clarity, which to this day has ever been something ET could offer. I don't know why I would have thought it would have changed.............
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  5. mksum always came across as the real deal.
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  6. i think its awesome if you did that because its rare. i wish i could say i was equally as good. i would not take things personal because most people lie online so people mistrust everybody.

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    The 90% of traders who can't trade read your post and are attacking you. Did you really not see this coming?

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  8. So you are the bloody Lucent guy, I heard about you back in the days when I traded prop.
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  9. How do you trade 30% of the volume?It isn't directional is it? Or is it value arbitage or something similar.
    Did you keep inventory , lets say you start out the day of C , do you buy 50,000 shares as inventory?
    Wouldn't instutional market makers compete with your business?

    Since you don't trade that strategy anymore, sharing is caring :)
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  10. TraDaToR


    That's really impressive.

    If I may ask( no disrespect, I trade futures and know little about stocks ), were you profitable without the rebates?

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