Thinking of getting back into the game

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mksummny, Aug 31, 2012.

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    cant you just start watching more and getting a better feel the markets these days? maybe try out a few things with small size

    or maybe even just swing trade on regular basis to make some cash and have fun
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    May I ask how you cope with the intensity of doing 500 trades a day? That's like a trade every minute for 8 hrs straight.
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    I am thinking about getting back in the game also. I traded full time from 2000 until march 2012. I miss it big time. But i think its better to sit on the sidelines for now to let some of these regulations play out. But IHO we might be in a decade long bull market allmost every trader i know is out of the game. Maybe another bull market will bring trading back.

    Having success in the trading game is one of the best drugs there is.

    good luck to all
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    While you guys are contemplating entering the markets you have missed the most action we had all year. Credit crisis, frequent central bank interventions, market fragmentation and HFT has changed the landscape; now we have very long periods of lull followed by short periods of explosive action i.e. day trading is no longer enough, one has to add swing to their repertoire.
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  5. Sometimes. In my experience you just have to know which days to participate. If it looks right, go for it, if not, better to just take a 0 than be disappointed with the computers getting the best of you. Good luck to you!
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  6. 95% who play this game would kill to be given the chance to walk away at the top. You retired for a reason. All the money in the world can't replace the time that trading will take away from the other areas in your life. I think the real problem is once you do something for so long it becomes a part of you and you are now looking to fill the void that walking away made. Throwing the money aspect aside, are you better off today physically, mentally, and spiritually then you were when you are trading ? If the answer is yes then why would you want to revert back?
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  7. good wisdom volente!
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    He just lose.

    More than 90% of small traders lose. They just lose!



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    registered in 2003. u should ask him how many times did he reload his account or accountS
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  10. FYI: I started with 4,200 in 1998. When I ended trading I had close to $16 million in profit. $16 MILLION. I never once reloaded, never ever reloaded. Let me say that again. I NEVER ONCE RELOADED! I had a million 2 years into trading. I excelled through 2003 -2011 when I quit. I made more money in 2007-2011 then most people make in several lifetimes. While you might consider this to be minimal as a trader, I worked from my house, spent time with my family, vacationed 4 months out of the year and did what I wanted for years and years. I was a success. My trading was well known on the street. I traded 10-20% of LU (Lucent) daily trading volume for over 3 years. One guy, in his office, in his PJ's, tossing the market around like my @#%#@. I regularly traded 5% of C (Citigroups) trading volume everyday for years. I traded other stocks sometimes being 30% of the daily trading volume. Quite often for months at a time. While this might not be what you can do now, it worked and I succeeded from it. I was quite good at my job. I was quite intuitive on being ahead of the curve. I averaged 1.5 billion shares traded annually for 4 years in a row by myself. That is nothing to chalk up to a newbie. Like I said, this thread was written for advice from the old school crowd. They know me and they know me to be real.
    Same ol' Elitetrader with bashing, jealousy and toolbags.
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