Thinking of getting back into the game

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  1. I retired because I had hit many financial goals of mine and my kids were becoming more active growing out of the toddler phases. I wanted to spend more time with them. I had invested in real estate paying cash for properties over the years and had just been managing those. Recently, after doing full time ministry over the last year or so I have been thinking of dabbling back in the game again. That is where I appreciate your opinions......
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  2. Datradr


    what are you doing now? have a regular job?
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  3. Also, Szeven, MNX, Lescor, Dustin, you guys know my style is big blocks, high % of the total volume of one stock, trading for pennies or even fractions there of. Since I have not been "in" the market and only really hearing things here and there I have no idea where the tempo is right now.
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  4. I have been doing ministry and managing my properties and chilling with the wife and kids every day. I have enough income monthly to live comfortably for the rest of our lives and own everything debt free. I'm 35 now and wondering if I have a few more years left in me.
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    you only retired 1 year ago , i guess it's hard to stay away from trading

    end of last year was 10x better then now , if we can get volitility to heat up with more volume the next few months should be good

    always opportunites to make money , just have to adjust to the market conditions

    it may be good time to jump back in , market can only get better
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  6. anyone else chime in on this: I am looking for opinions. I am leaning towards starting again next month.
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  7. put it all in the market, you only live once!!! definitely only do futures, get great leverage.

    if you lose a few 100k, who cares, will make life much more interesting.

    if wife leaves you, big wasn't meant to be.

    forget everything else, follow your dreams!!

    why not risk their financial future to satisfy your desires???


    remember, when you make money, you are creating un-happiness in the other trader......that isn't being a very good human, is it??

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  8. As usual for you, the guy you are mocking here has made more money from trading in a good day than you ever have or will in your life. If you spent as much time scrolling your charts as you do trolling about how impossible this profession is, you might actually make something of yourself.

    First you need a major attitude change, then a much stronger work ethic. That all might be asking too much.


    The VIX is hovering between 13 and 16 levels, fwiw. This time it's sort of tail wagging the dog there because similar VIX levels in 2005 - 2006 were before it listed futures contracts and could be manipulated by government interests in the market. So who can really say what real volatility is?

    We can say that broad markets for the past few months, actually most of this year have been hours of algo churn interrupted by minutes of breakout or breakdown surge moves. Other than maybe crude oil, all general markets behave the same.

    How that relates to finding individual story stocks or thin floats that can be pushed these days relative to the past, no idea. I have talked with veteran stock traders recently who are stuck in the mud this year because they cannot operate against the rampant algos with historical tactics.

    I know it's hard to trade small(er) after big size in the past and also small size is not linear to big size in strats or results. But you might want to probe the market with what used to be your specific edge and see if current conditions permit. Then again, I'm telling you something you already knew :)
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  9. You mean September 2001, not 2011--right?
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  10. you attack because you are weak.

    you attack because you think it makes you look stronger.

    you attack because you know nothing else to do.

    this is why you fail as a trader, over and over.

    and in life.

    you know nothing about how the markets work. you guess, and act like it is matter-of-fact.

    blah, blah, blah....keep your hatred high. it will do you good.
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