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  1. Hey fellas

    After "retiring" in Sep 2011 I am thinking of once again coming back into the market at the ripe old age of 35. My question is to all the veterans on the board. Is the market still playable for a big position trader who is nimble and likes to control stocks? I have not even looked at the market since my last day trading. I don't even have a pulse on how it is these days.

    Anything would be appreciated from the old school crowd!
    My style is suitable to many markets but does best in high volatility with high volume. My profit ratios are higher on a falling market then a rising market. I do many trades usually over 500 a day (manual). I am not afraid to take big positions.
  2. It's a little trickier to control small stocks nowadays because a lot of them are interlinked to ETF's. You don't just have the other people in the stock to deal with... You have the correlation between it and any attached Indice ETF's dragging it around. Correlation alogo's...

    Best to just go with the flow of the entire market rather than focus so much on controlling individual stocks.

    In the bigger picture the only things moving this market's bigger picture trend nowadays are Ben Bernanke and the Eurozone crisis.

    Possibly could get a major bear market trend after the September 12th German court decision if it goes badly! Besides that daytrading is just fun and games as usual. This month has been dead but things should pick up sep/oct.

    We all wish it was like the good old days... Where there were tons of small little active stocks you could dominate and control and make your $$ off of. Most everyone nowadays is playing index funds!
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    How was you prior experience with the market?

    I remember,when i would get back to trading in the past once again,it was always not in time.Market either crashed or rallied,the time i came back.It was either May or October,most vulnerable periods in the market.Seems that you intend to get back at the most vulnerable period with the scalping method.I feel that it`s not a good idea.
  4. None of the old school traders around anymore? Dustin, Szeven, Redink, EricP, Lescor anyone?????
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    You barely see them posting anymore, but their old posts remain, lot of gold in their past contributions.
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    Why did you retire last September? Was it because trading sucked? Not much has changed in the last year IMO...

    If your trading style benefits from high volume and volatility I'd stay in retirement if I were you... :)
  7. There are always ways to make money, but the mkt doesnt conform to you, as you probably already know!
  8. Welcome back. Gotta adjust your style to the markets, every few years, adapt or die right.
    Enjoyed reading your P/L posts back in the day. Grinding it out day after day style.
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  10. Great story!
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