Thinking of closing...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GreenDog, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. down my west coast operations early today (ie. - turning off my computer). Seems like a good day to get a jump on the weekend.:cool:
  2. It is 10:00 am (central) and I have had a real good day! I think it is time to start the weekend early here in Austin today!
  3. Are you going surfin! :D
  4. LOLOL!
  5. Tea


    If you are going to close early, make sure you alert the SEC so they can prepare for the sudden drop in volume.
  6. Actually... taking the wife and baby up to Santa Barbara for the weekend. We're meeting up w/ a bunch of friends and are camping on the beach (just north of SB). Should be fun -- a lot of our friends just had their first baby (like us) -- so I'm hoping the tequila and beer will still flow as freely as before!!

    and yes! -- the surfboard will be on the roof!

    --- haven't turned the damn computer off yet.
  7. You must be buying 989 and selling 991!

    Enjoy the weekend