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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by JLB123, Jan 28, 2007.

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    I am new here and after reading pages of posts I believe I can get some good advice from seasoned prop/traders here.

    Currently I'm a financial analyst focuses on fixed income for an international bank. Over the past years I have developed a trading model using index options (buying calls only and not holding for more than 4 trading days). Six years of back-tested data looks good (to me :) , 71% accuracy) so I started to trade with optionsxpress during lunch hour and have increased the account value by 36% over the period of 9 months. After seeing this result it gives me a little bit more confident that I "might be" able to make a living by trading. With many questions in mind, I guess the most bothering ones to me are:

    - Am I being too optimistic that any prop firm would back me up just because a few years of back-tested model and 9-10 months of tracking record?

    - Any good reputation prop firm that you can suggest me to try my case in the Orange County, CA area?

    - I traded index options because of the leverage I needed to make any significant gains based on my limited investable funds. But the model itself IS based on the trading of underlying ETFs. Does this serve as a good selling point to the backers because several products (stock/option/futures) can utilize this model? What sort of income range should I be expecting for a starter in my situation?

    Thank you for reading and your input is greatly appreciated.