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    During testing, I have encountered situations where QCharts will say symbol not found. The many cases of missed/absent symbols and data is likely my biggest gripe about QCharts.

    e.g.: Amex ticker symbol: DHY
    QCharts says ticker not found
    But checking Yahoo, Google or MSN, and all show ticker was active

    It bothers me that a valid, actively traded issue would be returned as invalid and with no data. I assume Yahoo, Google or MSN each uses a different, and better, data feed source. Which one(s) could that be?

    Above example of DHY is just one of a few Amex stocks for which QCharts says symbol not found, yet the missed/absent ticker symbol is in fact an active, valid symbol and traded Friday, August 17, 2007. This missing data problem in QCharts happens to a few NYSE, NASD stock symbols too. In most other respects, QCharts seems quite good. But missing data for some stocks is a critical drawback. If QCharts solves this missing data problem, QCharts would seem quite excellent.

    But I also heard some rumor that QCharts or would be phased out at the end of 2007 by its parent company that now runs eSignal service. If this is true, it would mean that QCharts or won't be a data feed option anyway after 2007.

    Of course, it is possible the other data feeds aren't any better, that's why I need some feedback before I rush into an alternative that may not be an improvement, or may be worse.

    I thought of trying eSignal, but it is run by the same parent company as QCharts, so I hesitate. Another alternative is DTN. But are the alternatives any better?

    Is there a better (i.e. more reliable and comprehensive) data service out there than QCharts, but not a lot more expensive?

    I would like to get more feedback on the major ones such as Quote.Com (Qcharts), eSignal, DTN, especially a comparison if possible.

    For purpose of discussion of data feed reliability and comprehensiveness, I suggest that we focus solely on data feed quality, and exclude consideration of charting features.

    Let's just focus on comparing the following:
    (1) Reliability, i.e. if an issue is traded, its data is there, and available
    (2) Accuracy, i.e. no or low error in the stats, i.e. for example, the numbers are correct, the T&S data are complete and correct, etc.
    (3) Limitations in terms of issues, e.g. some services allow access to all issues, others may limit to say 100, 500 or whatever number of issues.
    (4) Filtering for errors, i.e. to what degree the vendor will filter out, update or correct bad trades and other bad stats
    (5) Delays in real-time data transmission
    (6) Frequency and duration of outages during trading hours.

    I realize that probably very few have tried all the major services, especially simultaneously. But even your experience on single, individual services will allow some form of comparison, or at least allow potential subscribers to be aware of potential problems.

    Thanks to all in advance.
  2. Make sure you enter the symbol as AMEX:DHY

    Without the exchange prefix it might get misinterpreted as a NYSE symbol and try to resolve it that way by default.

    It's horribly thinly traded, but I can get a chart for AMEX:DHY on Qcharts
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    A few things about Qcharts ... first off I havnt heard anything about Qcharts being phased out. If anything they are working on it alot more then lycos ever did. They just came out with the release candidate (beta) which is basically just before gold. 6.0012.

    Which will use the esignal data; so they are working on making the data just as reliable with qcharts as esig. Only problem with that it wont have infinate back data to work with (I know I like my large 60 min charts).

    Next major update they say they will be including large back data along with the esig feed.

    Try running both ie the beta and the 5.1 version see what you like better.
    btw the beta uses esig symbols so you might have to mess around to get the right symbols.

    theres the beta
  4. q charts = total crap . i have been an esig user for some time and use tradestation charting as well. esig affiliation w qcharts has been no benefit to users .now esig is total sh#t. very bad lagging of data all day long which i never experienced until recently. ts is great charting and very good data transmission but quite costly if you dont have a trading acct w them . although i am not computer / internet knowledgeable....i suspect that esig has combined q charts and e sig accts on same servers thus overloading servers hence poor data transmission . imo ....a great alternative is ensign software ....looks like a great value .
  5. I think this is a bit unfair. If data is lagging, which will happen with any data service occasionally, you can easily switch servers. To say it lags all day long is just not my experience. Perhaps you have an ISP or equipment issue.