Thinking of a game, of sorts

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    The only reason you are able to have this discussion, on the Internet, is because boomers came up with it, and all the related tech to make it feasible. What have you done lately?
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    The forum game (smiles/laughs a bit)

    No, thanks to the god and moderators, it doesn't happen here, all the time. There are Wallstreetbets for that audience and stuff.

    Maybe i got your concept wrong, but the ,, forum games '', - that's a popular thing in the link that i provided. So an association came.

    Anyways, 00:30 am - zzZ, good luck ;)
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  3. Yeah, you might be missing what I'm saying.

    Think of it this way - assume for a moment I have a very significant edge. I could just keep it to myself and not share anything, or, I could trade aspects of it in hopes of learning about sophisticated techniques I don't know about.

    I've thought about posting in forums with carefully coded language, but I can't figure out how to do so without risking IP to some lurker out there who has no desire to return the favor.

    I've tried pinging people, but it's only infrequently do I find someone worth talking to and has an inclination for collaboration.

    So I'm hooped right now. I could probably get off my ass and go to some conferences, but that requires a pretty significant time investment.

    Having a site I can go to where I can quickly zero in on people worth chatting with (and wants to chat) and share what I have in a private manner which generates a fair exchange of ideas would be very beneficial.
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    Just ask for the proof, of their consistency , - does the edge that they have, works in the first place at all, or that is anything, except a real thing ?.
    Then connect via skype or any other tool of choice, for live conversation, to find out the skill level & knowledge.

    Lot's of folks, everywhere on the web, claiming about having em edges, but their track record, dives deep into the dark blue sea.
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    The retail trading industry is already a toy.
    Let’s make a toy out of a toy.
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  6. Yeah, that's another way I suppose. Bit tunnel vision though, and you miss out on learning from very bright people without an edge. You'd be amazed at how much they have to teach you. I am currently chatting with one guy who has a math based doctorate. Not a great trader yet, but he's really helped me with some math stuff I wanted to know about.

    And to be honest, there are trivial ways to fake an edge. Two accounts, one hedging up, the other hedging down. Just move profits from account A into losing account B.

    You'd really have to show your entire financial picture, which I really have no desire to do.

    Or maybe narrow your conversation to just people with lots of money, but good luck with that, and btw just because you have lots of money doesn't always mean your smart or have anything interesting to share. How'd you get the money? Inheritance, luck, or talent?

    You can't fake being smart tho.
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    Games are not for forums, haha :)
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