Thinking of a game, of sorts

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  1. I've been thinking of a game, mostly educational / relationship building of sorts.

    The game works like this.

    1. You find another trader of similar level in skill / talent and open a private chat session
    2. One of you proposes a question regarding trading. Ideally the questions to start will be very simple and get increasingly complex / subtle / advanced as you go along. There can be agreement to try a different question if the other party doesn't feel comfortable answering the question (too early, don't know the answer, etc)
    3. The one who didn't propose the question, answers first, and then the one asking the question answers afterwards.
    4. Based on the answers to the questions, you make a mutual decision to stop or continue.
    5. Goto 2, but it's other person's turn to ask the question

    I might create a website to facilitate this, especially for ranking and tracking how far along users answering questions go. The ranking system will make clear who is the most knowledgeable and desirable to chat with. Maybe EliteTrader could do something here, I dunno, I don't really care. I'm mostly just interested in trading. Ideally whoever does this will create end to end encryption done in javascript (share your password out of band, via email, etc) for both questions and answers, otherwise I won't really use it.

    In theory this game could be used for any topic with useful IP. I give all rights to everyone ad infinitude to steal this idea with the caveat that you can't patent it and anyone else can do the same thing. Just send me a link so I can use it.

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  2. The origin of this idea is that I find a lot of stuff isn't shared in public forums because of the asymmetric value proposition. Sure, I could share something, but will I get equal value in return compared to the infinite amount of lurkers I've just educated? Most definitely not.
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    Right, so asym-value but you're going to find ppl at your skill level. What's there to gain? Are you drunk?
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  4. That was rather aggressive.

    For what it's worth, I (and others) do this informally today on discord in great numbers, where we'll start chatting in DM but fade out if the other party is not sufficiently experienced. This is also done in private threads in an adhoc way on elite trader.

    Really, the value of public posts is to throw up flags of introduction to those conversations. Maybe we're saying the same thing in a way?

    This is really just a sort of formalization of those conversations, and the ranking system (perhaps you missed that part) will be a more precise sort of flag which won't require giving away IP.

    It's also an implicit invitation to engage. Just because someone posts publicly doesn't mean they're interested in private conversations.

    A similar sort of thing frequently happens at conferences. Having done this so often, I'm just trying to remove some of the organic overhead and get to the meat of the value prop faster.
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    the game u are talking about is the stock market.
    Beginners get in and lose tons of money to the sophisticated players
    Then they fade out and are never heard of again
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    I've found that most ppl that want to engage simply don't possess the knowledge.
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  7. More, perhaps, but experts absolutely want to engage, but are held back because they do not get value for their contributions. That's the point here.

    Just to emphasize, in case it was missed: "The ranking system will make clear who is the most knowledgeable and desirable to chat with"

    Hopefully I don't have to make the obvious statement that if someone is significantly lower ranked than I am, I'm not going to chat with them.
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    Sounds childish, like something for an underage audience.
    (nothing personal)
    In one of the art forums, it happens all the time :
    (even atm, you can see it the thread list)

    If you want to connect, you just drop a private message, despite of that skill level. Did that many times. Received messages both from more experienced ones and beginners.
    Be it forum for art, or finance.

    And the best part - always received an answer.

    Good luck on the project.
  9. Hey no offense taken. Young people I find come up with the best ideas.

    Boomers aren't very innovative, I find. Nothing personal :)

    Looking at the forum, I'm not sure what you're referring to though. I mean, this sort of thing happens on Elitetrader all the time via private threads?

    I think we're saying the same thing though. I'm just looking for a formalization of the process to skip all the organic / social nicety overhead. One only has so many hours in a day, you know.

    Also, posting useful IP in a public forum seems like I'm giving great value for little return on the small chance someone might ping me for a greater and more valuable conversation.

    Randomly pinging people who may not want to be pinged, or may not be worth pinging, I've found has been a significant waste of time.
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    Creativity goes down by 1%, whenever a person gets older by a year.
    (don't know, how legit the study was)
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