Thinking like the Bigfish

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  1. One great trading system is the parasite or "symbiotic" system.
    Learning from the "remoras."

    Swim in the "Trend" that the "Big Fish" establish and draw your supply from their incidentals.
    [E.G. - Stocks - Play in between the Block Buyers of a trend on Page 2 Level 2. Forex and E-Minis - Play in full volume trending in the direction of the CCI, MACD, and non-overbought ATR between resistance and support where there is air space.]

    I open with that because what I am about to present is how the biggest fish think.
    So if you understand what I just said ... you may understand what I am saying below.

    Cultures are cultures to the power elite and ruling class. (E.G. – People are growth production media.)
    Think it through. Understand it and capitalize on it as a trading tool.
    (I do - At least for accumulation, capital preservation, and speculation ... but not liquidity.)

    Demographics supports the GDP of the equation:

    Current G20 Governments view their populace as assets;
    Especially GDP productive consumers between the ages of 20-50. [Those on welfare or social security and non-taxpayers are seen as a liabilities. In America the Health Care reform “deathform” will deal with them.]

    ”Bubble Economy” economics will be further engineered now and into the future to create and manipulate growth that can support escalating debt.
    Debt and bubble economies are limited by their base “surface area”, materials and supported demographics.
    This model is much like the “bio-economic” models of yeast, viral or bacterial growth, providing insight into the mechanics of bubble economics. [Much like a petri dish surface area diameter limits the "bubble economies" of the virus, bacteria or yeast growth.] --- [E.G. – A small city can only support so much debt before connecting its debt to a larger base or creditor. It can only have its bubble grow so much before expansion grows beyond its borders.]

    “Bubble Clustering” is an effective means of sustaining bubble economic growth and preventing bubble implosion.
    To continue an unending debt economy in today’s market without an implosion one must initiate controlled bubble economies, increase bubble clustering supports, increase the base surface area of that supported debt and bubble, or increase the supply or asset base to support said bubble(s) or clustering of bubbles. Inflationary and stimulus methods are temporary fixes and stalls until these “bubble methods” get implemented or internationally snubbed.

    These economic realities of efforts to sustain without collapse should necessitate the move towards world government,
    increased immigration, trilateral agenda, cap and trade and other tax increases, undeveloped country expansionism, “green” economy pabulum, global warming agendas, energy market evolution, and various other sub market smaller bubbles that will be somewhat controllable and offer support to offset a global “Bubble Collapse.” Each of these above agendas support bubble economics entirely. [Increased surface area base, increased asset base, increased supply base, increased number of supportive created bubble economies, increased support of the larger global populace, etc.]

    Big money thinks differently than the small investor.
    Big money thinks like a conqueror. Using slaves or others wealth to support and pay for their acquisition. Exple: War most prominently in history has been waged in such a way that the asset base and wealth of the conquered territory pays and supports and supplies in excess of the initial cost of waging the war. If not that supply line of expansionism causes limitations.

    Huge wars have been going on all over the planet and most all of the populations have no clue. They are financial wars. Lehman Brothers are one obvious casualty. Goldman Sachs are clear victors. Nations are intricately involved in them now. Gold and resources such as Bauxite are the battlefields. China is very aggressive along these lines and getting wise to protect against global expansionism.

    The new "green doctrine" offers numerous and controllable, new economies and bubbles and allows a real fix for current bubble breakage, weakening and collapse both with greater expansionism and forced economy bubbles that can be somewhat controlled.

    New pressures of taxation such as “Cap and Trade” are really ingenious. They functionally are an attempt to get “Old and Bad assets” to pay for expansionism of the development of new assets and increase the base area of the global debt bubble.

    This is as short as I could condense this down to. These facts are my largest economic indicators. Rarely do they effect my 15 min chart strategies that I use for liquidity. They do affect my accumulation strategies however and my speculation strategies ... so I offer some thoughts to the learned among you.

    BTW-I'm not in agreement with what the Super Big Fish are doing, I think it is evil.
    However I do find it needful for capital preservation and profit to observer them.
  2. Quote from unretired:

    what I am about to present is how the biggest fish think.

    correction: this is your OPINION of "how the biggest fish think. "
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    As if all "big fish" think the same. And as if, you know what they think like.

    You gotta love ET and the newly registered, all knowing, gurus.
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    odd post... to say the least
  5. Big fish thinks like this.
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    Small fish thinks like that too.
  6. Interesting take on current affairs. But nothing new.

    What you have stated is a synopsis of the below
  7. Well said. It is My OPINION. I thought that was apparent.

    Thanks for your reply :)
  8. Thanks for your insightful input. :)
  9. Yes. It is so odd as to only stimulate those who have experience or knowledge at the level I shared.

    I am not expecting much ... but having fun.

    Thanks for your input.:)
  10. Thank-you for a thoughtful and intelligent response. I will look into your link as time permits.

    You are right ... nothing new here to see.
    I sometimes need to formulate concepts like these that are birthed out of thousands of hours of research to further mature them.

    Unfortunately ... mostly I get vomit from non-thinkers. (or market loser drones)

    This is why I appreciate the educated and mature response you offered.

    Thanks again! :D
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