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    I'm wondering whether anyone could help me finding information on what I can expect out of daily trading when investing a capital of $ 25,000 or $ 50,000

    I am particulary interested in any links covering average earnings by-monthly, since I would like to start trading as a main activity.

    Any useful information for Starters is welcome and will be greatly appreciated!



    We all have to start somewhere, no?
  2. trading bubble... *cough*

    please excuse me
  3. Cheese


    You are using the descriptions 'investing' and 'growth'.

    Stay out of trading. Go to bed and suck your thumb. And keep 'investing' your money in a bank account with interest providing your 'growth'.
  4. Another Noob. Yeah jump on in the market with your money. We love dumb money.
  5. If you plan to day trade, you should expect to lose much (and perhaps all) of your initial starting capital. Not all individuals go this route, but the realities are most individuals beginning their trading career lose money (and lose money often). A career in trading differs greatly from any salaried our hourly 'job' you have held before. One day, you might make thousands, and on the next day, lose the same or even more. The very best traders suffer occasional losses. Drawdowns simply remain a cost of doing business. As a result, you need to learn more about the industry you wish to enter. When you begin to educate yourself, you will understand why nobody can provide the answers you seek. The search function (located in the upper right hand corner of this page) provides you with an excellent place to start your education.

    Much success to you as you begin your journey.

    - Spydertrader
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    Dear Spyderrader,

    I read your reaction on my Post with a lot of interest, and would like to thank you for this information that is most helpful.


  7. Chris,

    There is a wide range of values that could address your question on expected growth, and a good part of that range are values below zero. You would receive fewer unhelpful responses if you asked some specific questions about specific strategies rather than how much money one can make. Folks here are very happy to help those who appear to be helping themselves, but there really isn't a helpful answer to your question. There's a lot of hard work between gathering a pile of trading capital and trading it successfully.


    P.S. There aren't any ET FAQs of which I'm aware, but many basic questions can be answered using the search function.
  8. i would jump on a plane and start daytrading in Japan, they are enjoing the US late 90s kind of markets now. Stories of homemakers making serious $ and teaching others are not uncommon.
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    Nikkei 225 futures are hotter than a pistol.
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    If you do it full time, have enough money for 1 year of living expense. Your trading capital (25k-50k) should be only for trading.

    Daytrade a simulated account until you are consistently profitable. If not, don't put any real money into the market. I know, this will be the real hard. If you have 4-5 winning trades in a row, the temptation will be overwhelming to start trading real money. It's better to first try to understand why you were profitable before taking the next step.

    If you can't beat the market, using the simulated account, it's probably time to go back to your day job. I'm sure someone will pipe in saying papertrading is not the real thing but I would disagree. If you use one of the papertrading accounts at IB, ThinkOrSwim, etc, it's exactly like the real thing, save perhaps for a slight difference in execution time. In the case of all-electronic networks, it should be exactly the same.

    I can back this up because it's exactly what I'm doing right now.
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