thinking about trading Nasdaq in asian

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    anyone have experience with this ...i know a prop firm that has a branch in Hong Kong .. and the system is pretty reliable .. and no need to put up my own capital...... with the exchange rate and everything the income can be very good...but has anyone done it ...i am worry about trading from 9:30pm to 4 in teh morning .. even if i adjust my sleep time would it affect me a great deal??

    thanks for all the input
  2. Your life will be as good as hell, I did it and i know it, if you
    decide to trade from 10:30PM to 5:00AM.

    I had been trading from Thailand (Bangkok) recently for
    period of two Monthes, which time is One hour backward
    from hongknog.

    I have been to most South east Asian cities, and if you decide
    to trade, it's better to trade Europe market or Forex market
    or asian/Pacific Market, because of day timing. But some days you might to dicide trading at night, then you can go for US market. This way will have lote more flexibility for your time
    and life.

    I mean life will be very boring then, and there isn't any point
    for relocating from US to that place, because Hongkong people
    are having extreem rate race life by day, and everyone so busy
    that not in mood to even talk with you. So evening will be the time to give yourself a treat.

    Btw hongkong is so expensive city, and people aren't so
    friendly what's the reason you want to trade from there?

    Well, everyone has differnet personality and charter, so i
    realy can't say if you can adjust you sleeping, unless i knew you.

    If do't mind can you provide a link to that Prop firm site?
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    the prop branch is not yet open yet.. opening in June

    it doesnt have to be Hong Kong... the company is also opening in taiwan soon .. i am originally from taiwan ... that is why i want to go back .....

    and making US$$ in taiwan with the exchange rate it is now... very good pay even if i only produce 50% of what i make in US....

    just worrying about the issue of trading at night 9pm to 4am....
  4. If you aren't a BIG "little Ding Dong Daddy" by night lika me,
    then stop worrying and you will be fine.

    Meanwhile you as an asian, it surprises me you need advice
    from westners about trading and sleeping order in Asia?
  5. Are you a Taiwaneese American who hold Dual citizenship,
    and want to move back to Asia because of Tax reasons?
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    no i am canadian / taiwanese.... no i move back not for tax reason ...but for family reason

    i never had any experience trading over night .every night ... so being a asian have nothign to do with it.. just want input from teh people who done it before
  7. My situation is a little different since I don't exactly trade full time but I am in Tokyo and used to just try and trade the US market part-time. I work full-time at another profession so at first this worked out fine. In the spring/summer, the US market opens at 10:30PM here and I was good for the first 2 hours. Now with daylight savings time in the US the market opens at 11:30PM and it is more difficult. I tried to get up early to try and trade the close but I was much worse at that.

    The answer for me (in terms of more opportunities) has been Eurex futures and also to some degree the Asian markets (Australia, Japan and Hong Kong futures) when I get some down time during the day.

    Honestly, I don't believe that anyone can answer for you since you know your own character/personality and probably more importantly your lifestyle as well as your stamina. I used to be a night person and have been used to long hours from my day job but I think age has finally caught up with me and it was more difficult than I imagined. However, I believe that long-term it would be very difficult to keep up such a schedule over a period of time.
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    bunds, estx50 and/or Euro/USD-futures seem more obvious choices to me: good liquidity and better hours for you.
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    Having recently moved to New Zealand, I decided to look for markets that are more convenient to trade (timewise) than the US markets.
    I trade the open 2 hours of the European mkt (ESTOX, BUND, Euro) (8 - 11pm local time) and the closing 2 hours of the US market (8 - 10am local time).
    That seems to work for me, I was not interested in getting up at 3am to trade the US open.

  10. I am going to trade Eurox Futures soon, and had a look at
    Euro-bund. Chart had a gun shot like prices and seemed not
    much volume to match price action and looked very volitile.

    I read price and volume action to determine price weakness or
    strenght when it is trading in consolidation, but with Eruo-bunds
    inefficiant volume to price, it's hard to make any outcom.

    Btw what personaly you think, are they easier than ES or NQ
    to trade them actively?
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