Thinking about switching to FUTURES?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Spectra, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Thinking about switching to FUTURES?

    If so, then you may wish to attend the free seminar Infinity Brokerage is hosting next week. The link is at the bottom of this method. Reasons and methods on the e-mini futures will be shared.

    If you'd like to understand why a lot of traders are going to futures. Check this link out:
  2. Pekelo


    Here is an offer:

    On somebody (not me) is organizing a 3 months trading competition starting from the 22nd. It has an incredibly high $18 entry fee.

    I am willing to pay this fee for Puretick and see how you guys do with fakemoney.
    You don't have to trade for the whole 3 months, but I want at least 2 weeks and about 50 trades.


    P.S.: I dare you. Think about it. Free advertisement. If you make it, you will have a public record, if you don't make it, you stop spamming ET...
  3. Or just sign up to have system tracked on Collective2 in the regular way. It definitely separates the talkers from the performers
  4. Pekelo


    True but that would cost more. I am not sure they can afford the $80 listing fee. :)
  5. Hi Pekelo,

    As long as it would not take up any time out of our trading day. We can not take focus away from the paying members of the service. How does it work?

    CajunSniper / Administrator-Trader
  6. Pekelo


    You have 100K dollars fakeaccount and you trade in realtime. That's about it. Same margin like with a real broker...

    You could teach your students money management. It would take about less then a minute per trade extra time for you...

    So about 10 minutes a day...
  7. I have been on for about a year. Basically, your signals are recorded in realtime. The site also has very powerful statistics, including Monte Carlo simulations and other stats that enable people

    If you are any good, it would probably add a number of subscribers to your service.
  8. Ha Pekolo,
    I bet Puretick takes you up on that. Especially that Anekdoten fellow who is a Puretick stable.

    He has been trying to challenge that JimmyjAM CHARACTER. And that guy just backs down everytime. Jam talks and talks and talks but seems to not
    walk the walk. And has backed down from Anek's challenge everytime :confused:

    Heres a thought....... set it up in this contest so these two guys could go head to head against each other. I would bet the farm Anek takes down this jam
    freak easily :eek:
  9. Surdo


    Puretick won't get involved!
    This might interfere with Cajun Spider's nonstop posting on ET.

    el surdo
  10. Neet


    What's the grand prize ? Aside from recognition, which I would not give a damn about.
    #10     Mar 20, 2007