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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Bondy3, Apr 13, 2009.

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    Ok, So I have been following the market for a while just to see what the trends are like but I have come to the conclusions that long term trends are impossible to predict so I thought I would go to the short term market,

    I opened one of thoes Free Demo account that has $50,000 fake dollars in it to see if I could pull a profit and I messed around and traded for like 5 hours today.. (its addicting)

    Anyways After doing 877 buy and 877 Sell orders I am at exactly $58,000 yielding a net profit of $8,000... by no means were all of my trades profitable but on average it averaged out pretty well. But on the trading demo thingy it doesn't take into account what I would be paying for commission, I average $4.56 per trade of a future contract.

    To me this feels fishy because it sounds to profitable and therefor FAKE. (I used to demo trader on, I also Tried making one on ThinkorSwim but I dont like their future Trading Softwere.

    For those of you who actually do trade futures for a living, is it as profitable as I found it to be? (1754 trades yielding a total of $8000)

    Also I have a few questions,

    I only have $5,000 to start up an account, so will I get flagged for Daytrading?

    What Broker is the best for Starting an account with $5,000 (preferably less) and still not paying out the ass for commissions?

    Is it recomended to trade a lot of trades for small profit or is it better to try and hold off and get less trades but larger? (larger trades are scary to me because they lead to larger risk as well)
  2. open up a universal account at IB and trade futures or currencies then you wont have any PDT issues. You will only be able to trade 1 futures contract at a time and about 200,000 currency

    Good Trading
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    So you're "tick fucking" the ES on a demo account, and if I understand you correctly, you did 1754 trades today for $8000. That's $4.561003 per trade profit, or 0.38 ticks. Entry level commissions per ES contract at IB are $4.80 RT. At that rate you wont survive a day, much less an hour. You're better off going to Vegas for a few hours, might have some fun too.