Thinking About Starting A DayTrade Station Build Co.

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    Hello all! I have been scouring the 'Net for as much information as possible about daytrading which I have come across some really interesting information out there!

    I am based in Los Angeles. I own a PC repair and Networking company. Recently a client of mine ordered a custom built computer from me. He had spec's from a Falcon DayTrade System pulled from their website. I was able to build a 3 Screen Station for him without a prob.
    Ever since then I have been interested in starting a new DayTrade Station Company because after some researching, some of these Station Building company are charging a ridiculous amount--some are at least, i.e., xView.
    So, I want to ask you as you KNOW what you are talking about and know what you are looking for!
    I can match any setup out there...I just think I thought I would reach out and ask you for any suggestions, thoughts and aspects that you would be looking for in a DayTrade Station company, etc...
    I want to have all my ducks in order before I decide to move forward with it!
    Oh, does anyone know where resources that point to how well these DayTrade Station companies are doing? Most of them are private so it is difficult!

    Much input would greatly appreciated!

    Have a great day!

  2. ok, i build them myself so i'm not interested, but if i were to buy from Falcon and one morning at 6:30 eastern time it did'nt boot there better be someone answering the phone in LA. so, you see, i'm willing to get fucked on price if the other party comes through.
  3. What he said.

    While a lower price can have some effect on whether your business succeeds or not, service will be the critical edge which will seperate you from the competition.

    Note: While there are some really bright guys on this site who can multi-task (build the computer, design the trading system, trade it, design automated trading systems, etc.) there are still plenty more (like myself) who can really use the help of someone who knows what the hell they are doing when it comes to designing (and keeping in good health) good trading computers ... so good luck!
  4. So to wit:

    1. 20% - 50% cut in prices of the trading computer, no comensurate cut in quality of parts or construction of the machine.

    2. Ability to build-to-spec in a relatively short period of time (1 week or less).

    3. At least 24/5 service, with solid warranty and service contracts.

    4. There may also be, in addition a 24/7 hotline which takes and routes all service calls regardless of the time they are logged.

    5. Ability to build and design basic trading computers (3 screen) to pretty sophisticated machines (6 screens to 8 screens).

    6. Ability to supply high quality laptops as well, with the basic setup. This is for the guys who have to be aware of what the markets are doing whether are actively trading or not (position traders who are on vacation, etc.).

    7. Service, service, service. If you fail in the service department you will instantly lose your customer base, gauranteed!

    8. Supporting website, with a "members only" portion where your buyers can log in, get updated info on parts, computer setups, detailed info - and handholding - on downloading the latest and greatest parts, video cards, etc., etc.

    9. Detailed anti-virus support (including walking customers through what they need to de-virus their machines).

    10. Tons of backup support and seperate hard drive equipment. The computer isn't the most important piece of the trading puzzle, the knowledge is. If someone loses their knowledge (or has to recreate it) they are going to be pretty pissed about it!
  5. no doubt, support is going to be the big problem.
    You could try to sell the comp at rock bottom prices then an additional monthly cheap support subscription fee..
    too much a pain in the ass IMO though.
  6. there is no such thing as a good trading computer.

    there are only good computers.

    unless you're talking about tuning some co located box to shave 1 ms off , the high end OFF THE SHELF computers are more than enough for any of the slobs trading here.

    whats all this hype about? You're not Tim Sykes moonlighting are ya?
  7. 10 years ago, this would have been considered a business plan, and $$$ would be thrown at you without reserve!
  8. Trading computer is as important to a good trader as basketball shoes are detrimental to being a good player. Don't believe the hype. M. Jordan would still rule the court with or without $150 snickers. Same goes for the trading rig.
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    Thanks guys/ladies for you insight as well as your "opposition" to this. In response to the opposing view, I know that most people can go out and get a computer but most people don't know how or where to start. Trading Stations can be customized to the point where you can be assured that the MB/RAM, etc will be ahead of the curve for years to come. Most of these store comp's are max'd out. Which is good if you are looking for an out of the box experience.
    But what about customer service? What about your own "tech/customizer" guy on the phone who knows you and your computer?
    Yes, there may be nothing special about the shoes an athlete wears in terms of his performance. But in this case, I beg to differ, the athlete/daytrader can instruct me to make sure that he can be capable of an ability. It is not the shoes, but what is inside ticking, making him run to make those dire shots.
    I want to do something that I know I can make someone happy and confident in what they have in front of them. And I feel that most of my potential competitors are moving a premium price gauge when, yes, you can buy most of the computer parts at your local tech store. It is growing industry and I want to explore an opportunity.

    Enough of that rant. I think that the customer service aspect is by far the most important variable post-build. I have quite a few ideas on that as well as cost effectiveness. Additionally, I am working on a new electrical design for PC cases that will directly benefit the daytrader.

    Have any of you ever bought from a company (daytrade build) and had a bad experience? If so, what was the experience?

    Also, not that it matters, but we are also focusing on Custom Gaming systems....
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