Thinking about opening an account & Need your opinion about IB

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jeffrey3, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. jeffrey3



    I am using Ensign software and thinking about opening an account with IB.

    I will be paper trading initially.

    The reason is not the low commisions but rather many professional traders use IB.

    So rather than trying out some other brokers first & waste time learning their platforms, why not start out with someone where I might end up anyway.

    Those who are trading with IB or have traded with them, please share your experience ?

    Any of you guys use Ninja with IB & if yes, are there any advantages of Ninja ?

    Also those trading with other brokers can share your ideas too.

    Thank You.
  2. Bob111


    if you are looking for a valuable opinion, you have to explain first,what exactly are you planning to do..what products you are planning to trade,sizes,frequency,third party tools,API etc..choosing the broker is pretty much like a marriage...choose carefully and make sure you know,what exactly are you looking for..
    so far-all we know is that you are planning to trade with IB because a lot of people on ET are using it..that's about it..looking for opinion? i've been with IB for almost a decade..have no complaints,everything is great except frequent buggy platform upgrades..does this helps? probably not
  3. cstfx


    This is not a journal. Learn to post your queries in the right sections.
  4. zdreg


    search in the upper right hand side of page is a useful tool.
  5. Eddiefl


    JUst go wtih IB, its more than you will ever need. Started with 20k, 10 years ago, still with them. I know people with 5mm with them, no problems. IF your looking for HFT crap, maybe there are better, if not, IB will do.

  6. emg


    Many people hate IB due to bad customer svc, day trade margin unstable, and servers issue. You should go to postrock. They have way better customer svc, day trade margin stable, and i think they have ensign
  7. IB is decent -- you should be fine with them. Ensign is decent as well.

    Ninja is ok (I have quite a few issues with them but its usable) and it's free while your simming.
  8. Arnie


    I've been with IB for about 10 years. Been using Ensign since it was a DOS app with a Bonneville Sat. feed.

    Works for me. I can only recall a few times I had a connection problem with IB. I know some hate them, but the few times I've called them, they have been helpful.

    Ensign/IB takes some getting used to. The biggest hasle is the refresh. Make sure that AFTER you have had a new ticker up for at 20-30 minutes, you change the Refresh Source to DTN (just double left click on a chart and look under the Data tab). You can do a lot with Ensign and I know some HF use it.
  9. bpcnabe


    IB is not the best equity broker OR the best options broker OR the best futures broker.

    However, IB is the best equity broker AND options broker AND futures broker all rolled into one. No other broker can offer you all their products in one account that is insured far above industry average. Commissions are in line or better than most. I have been using them since 2001.

    I also use NT for a front end. For me, it is a benefit because I have better charting abilities plus better ease of order entry and exits using various strategies programmed into it.

    You can't go wrong using IB with NT in my opinion. They are a good pair.