Thinking about moving to San Diego

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  1. Trying to figure out why everyone I know says California has an extremely high cost of living.....

    So I went online and tried to find out some facts...

    I have lived in New York, Miami and Austin,TX

    My monthly health insurance in NY was $916 a month for husband/wife

    In Miami it was $325 a month

    92117 zip code in Cali the same plan is $170 a that's not it....

    I did the same for car insurance, California was again the thats not it.......

    I checked all my utility bills and am paying more in Austin than I was in NY or Miami. I wont need to use the AC/Heat, electric as much in Cali due to the weather, so my bills will be the same if not much cheaper.

    When I visited Cali, the restaurant, grocery prices were exactly the same as NY, Miami and Austin, so that's not it.....

    I am a trader so I don't pay Cali "income tax". My wife is a personal trainer here in Austin. She has offers in SD for 1.5-2x the amount here in Austin. After 9% income tax, she still has the same if not more money left over.... so thats not it

    Gas prices... ahh.. so expensive right??? WRONG! Last I checked 3.49 a gallon was top of the range in SD county. Here in Austin its 2.79 for lower range prices. Figure..well there ya go.... you have to pay more in gas in Cali right??? nope... here's why.... The area I am looking to rent has all the same things I drive to here in Austin except all of them are less than 4 miles away. In Austin, the same things I drive to on a daily basis are 12-15miles away. I put 30-50 miles a day grocery shopping and going to the gym!!WTF?? I have to fill my tank up once every 6-8 days. Based on mileage I would only have to fill up once every 2 weeks if that much.... Therefore... GAS IS A CHEAPER EXPENSIVE in California......soooo once again... that's not it....

    I have checked and Phone,Internet,Cable expenses are equal.. so that's not it....

    RENT: I paid $2300 in NYC, $2300 in Miami, and $1700 in Austin Tx. All for about the same size apartment. I have checked online in areas I would like to live North of the city of SD and I can get a 2bd/2bth $1700-2300. I can get the same size unit in California.. and be close to the beach and in walking distance from shops/restaurants...... so.... that's not it.....

    Housing: My 1900sqft house in Brooklyn NY sold for the same price as my brother-in-law's house in Boca Raton, FL (1900sqft) and in Austin, in the same desirable area (Eanes ISD school district) a house of similar size would cost AT LEAST that much as the NY or FL house.... One of my wife's close friends bought a 1900 sqft house in Solana Beach for $599k six months ago...... sooooo.. once again ..... that's not it...

    WTF?? what am I missing? Why does everyone walk around and scream California is so damn expensive.... Everyone is moving out of the state because its too crowded and too expensive from what I hear.

    Where are my theories incorrect?? It seems San Diego is just as expensive as other major cities if not cheaper!!

    Crowded?? You ain't seen crowded unless you are sitting on the BQE or LIE for hours trying to go a distance of 13 or so miles, Sitting on I-95 trying to get into downtown Miami from the North, or the worst yet, sitting on I-35, Mopac,loop 360 during AM or PM rush hour and realizing you are in the middle of nowhere yet this is the worst traffic you have ever seen in your life and want to die as you have no alternate routes!!!

    Someone slap me back into reality please... thanks!!

    Please help me to realize I am wrong somewhere....

    thank you.....
  2. You'll pay Cali income tax whether you're a trader or not.

    Plus, 599K for a house in Solana Beach is a gonna a be a 1000 sqft shack.


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    To buttress your argument: Here's a 838 sq ft condo for $750,000. And not even blown out at that.
  4. Habla espanol?
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    There is no possible way a good health plan is $171 for a couple. Check out the terms---it is probably a scam.

    $600-1000 is more like it.

    (I live in San Diego).
  6. You are comparing CA to other expensive areas. Except for Austin, Miami and New York are relatively expensive places to live.
  7. DrChaos


    There is no possible way a good health plan is $171 for a couple. Check out the terms---it is probably a scam.

    $600-1000 is more like it.

    (I live in San Diego).

    Oh yeah, California is sooo overcrowded and expensive we don't want you. Please stay away. Away away away. Don't bring your car. Do you have a cute sister?
  8. If you want to complain about cost of living, move to Honolulu.

    Traffic sucks, too.
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