Thinkequity partners is thinking a little toooooooo LATE!!!

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    they raised their price target from 70 to 110, stock is trading at 96. Way to go guys wellllll after the great run IBM has had. They should have placed a 110 price target on it when it was 75.


    Current Prior Rating Buy Sell Price target $110 $70

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    --ThinkEquity Partners said increased performance and profitability in IBM's global service segment, together with strong software sales, prompted it to upgrade the rating.

    --The brokerage said it expects increased revenues together with higher margins in the fourth quarter and stretching into 2007. (Reporting by Manish Gupta in Bangalore)
  2. Nice contrarian indicator, maybe.

    You just have to love these idiot analysts.

    Thanks for recommending IBM at $97,m when they had it as a sell at $70.

    That's so confidence inspiring.

    *Note to self - Never listen the ThinkEquity.
  3. Proof positive it's a contrarian call - sell your IBM:

    *S in red equals Thinkequities' prior sell recommendations.

  4. Nice chart BuyLow! I think you should do a weekly Think Equity buy history & price graph- freakin' hilarious. My favorite move though is when a biotech craps to bed and gets halved in the pre market and they rush to the downgrade window before 9:30 and time stamp THE DAY BEFORE'S PRICE!
  5. Thanks SI.

    I should have linked it, though, for it is not mine (borrowed from Seeking Alpha):