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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Sandybestdog, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. Has anybody seen the new ThinkAI tool from Think or Swim? I got the email that the software was being updated today, but haven’t seen it yet. I’ll just wait till tomorrow. I think it might be a really cool tool. How many dozens of indicators are there out there? They all have the same thing in common, what has already happened. I have seen very little tools/prediction software/neural nets out there like this. There is the Foresight AI by Larry Pesavento and the Pesavento Map in the Ensign software, which I think might be the same thing. There is also the Market Map. They seem to give full day forecasts, while the TOS AI gives 15-120 minute projections. It also looks like it continually updates, while the others don’t. I think that might be better. If I’m daytrading, I really only need to know what’s happening in the next few minutes, not the whole day.
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    I saw the demo yesterday. I'll watch it for a few days to see how it works and performs .... will be interesting to see, anyway. After all in this market most "predictions" other than "volatility" are taken by me with a grain of salt.

    Hope it's as great as ToS says it is, though. But we'll see!
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    Unfortunately ThinkAI is not functional. Tried it today, but when it didn't work called tech support. A patch needs to be written to make it functional, lol. This has become very common with a number of thier new releases, still waiting on fixes for previous releases. Too bad.
  4. Do you have the button on the charts? I don't even have that. I haven't noticed any glitches in any new releases. I'll just wait a few days and see if they'll fix it.
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    It's only functional for real accounts over $25K today --- for all paid accounts on Monday.

    That said, I am running ThinkAI now on IBM and it looks to be working.


    Does anyone know what kind of logic / variables they're using for this service, or is it a matter of "trust us and our proprietary black boxes" ?
  6. Ok thanks. I actually don’t have any money in my account right now. I still get the emails and they let me have access to the software so I thought I’d try it out. I’ll see if I can get it on Monday.
  7. Well I think it is a little different than say Bollinger bands. They just plot a moving average and put a standard deviation above and below it. But the key is it is always based on the price that’s already happened. This looks like it actually projects a future price movement with bands around it. I don’t really care if it works per se, I just think it’s quite gutsy to make a prediction like this. Anybody can make an indicator that somehow interprets how price has moved in the past, but to actually say where it’s going in the future is quite a piece of work. I wouldn’t even begin to describe the logic to create something like this, let alone program it.
  8. Has anybody been using ThinkAI lately? I still don't have it. Do you think I have to put money in my account until they activate it or is still not working?