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  1. Anybody have any experience with this platform. It's T or S's platform for institutional clients. I've heard that is java-based...what kinds of problems can I get with a java-based platform. Right now I use Tradespeed Pro, which is fine, but I thought I'd get some opinions. My other options are:

    Sterling Pro
    Risk Compass
    N-compass if it's ready

    I primarily trade stock, but I want a solid platform for options as well. An all inclusive is obviously better than two separate ones (sterling doesn't have options yet). I saw the demo's for Liquid and they are pretty tight. Anyway, any ideas are welcome.
  2. Java based platforms suck ass!
  3. Yeah, I hear that. Not sure why my manager at my firm pushed it on me. I'd rather just go with tradespeed, but sterling and risk-compass together might work. Again, I'm looking for both equities and options
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    FYI, NCompass is ready. The ex market makers that currently use it like it a lot. It doesn't have all the functionaliy that Thinkpipes (formerly ThinkOrSwim) has yet but I think it has already most of the functionality that professional traders need.
  5. This is funny. Being Java based is irrelevant.

    This plaform is very solid. The application is very slick and well put together.

    Don't take my word for it.

    Suggest you try the demo out.

  6. Does anybody here use Thinkpipes? I have their TOS version in a retail account and stumbled across their pro version. It seems pretty nice and straightforward. Can anyone here tell me what the pros and cons of this platform? Thanks
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    I have traded Genesis' Laser among others, and ThinkorSwim's platform is
    excellent. With the exception of routing
    to specific MM's, I like TOS better.

    Executions are instantaneous and customer support is outstanding via phone, email or live chat, they are there to help. Charts are not bad and they are adding features on a (seems like) monthly basis.

    I can only think of one time over the last few months where they had an issue. They merely needed to reboot their servers and this was during premarket and not an issue for me.

    They are also affiliated with and they have a live moderated room where Peter makes calls with specific entry and exits. I learned a lot from participating.

    Happy customer,

  8. I agree w/ your assesment of TOS, I hope their institutional version Thinkpipes is at least as good.Wish theywould put hot keys though
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