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  1. Hi,,

    Is there a solution to Think or Swim Contract month change?? They switched to the September yesterday and there is around a 50 pip difference from the June Euro.. Daily chart wrong in TA terms.. June (which I am still trading - volume still way higher) high for today is 1.4684, therefore we broke yesterday's high and currently still above it.

    The attached TOS chart looks VERY different due to the 50 pip difference.. large gap down and still struggling to breakout.. Any ideas?? I know by next week I will have to move over. Oanda quite transparent it seems..
  2. If you just use the two digit symbol for a futures contract, /6E, /ES, /CL, etc. the software will automatically change it to the next expiration when it gets close. To avoid that you need to use the four digit symbol, e.g. /6EM1 for the current one, the software switched to showing /6EU1. You can see that on the Trade tab – All Products, it says “active” next to the expiration that the two digit symbol gives you.
  3. That helps... All my drawings (A TON) are on the Continuous /6E though but the /6EM1 is "correct".. grrrr.. I think I will live with the wrong chart..

    Wonder what "Save drawing Set" does...