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  1. Hi all I am hoping to get some feedback on TOS. I have read the reviews in the brokers page, over 90% positive...looking for some more comments before I consider their demo.

    Anyways I am considering them as an alternative to Tradestation. How do they compare with regards to execution, support and charting? I welcome your comments, good and bad...

  2. For Options and Stocks I don't see how you're gonna beat 'em.
    Futures?...well...they HAD a slight data lag on charts...
    They might have that fixed.
    Customer service is 2nd to none.
    I wish they were more Futures Friendly, I'd still be with 'em.
  3. Anyone trading the YM with them? I read somewhere about them not being very futures friendly but couldn't find anything on their site to say whether these are tradable (sp) with them or not...
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    For options trading, TOS is the best, even though its commission is tag higher than some deep discounters, but you will find that the ease of use of the platform (for placing spread orders and adjusting positions) is well worth it considering how much time you can save and the costly mistakes you can avoid.
  5. actually i don't have many complaints about tos, but the one big complaint i have is that it's cumbersome to place many orders on different option series and then locate particular orders if you wanna change them.
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    the TOS platform IS NOT the best for futures...

    on the otherhand.. for options... it is VERY powerful(if not the best)

    there is a steep learning curve to figure out the platform.. there is sooo much to it.

    its taken a few months to really get to where i can use all the features in a rapid fashion.

  8. why is it not the "best"? Speed, cost, complexity of platform???

    Thanks for the link to tradeable futures, somehow I missed that.

    The reason I am considering TOS is that for simplicity's sake I like having everything in one basket like Tradestation however am kinda scared off by them right now cause of all of the negative comments about service and downtime, etc. My use for it wil be trading YM intraday. I am not a computer genius but can hold my own with applications so the complexity ins't too big an issue unless I need to write scripts or something like that. Thanks for all the feedback so far :)
  9. I have TOS and have traded futures on it. It is not the best for a couple of reasons, and they're mostly when considering scalping. Compared to IB, or a futures broker TOS has a higher base futures comission and they don't offer as many futures products. Compared to a futures broker the order entry is not designed for scalping at TOS currently, although they told me they're releasing fully configurable order entry this summer. I haven't had a problem with speed, even on the times I scalped, always got good fills. Given this info, I still consider them pretty good. Most people that are scalping high volume would not use them because they don't offer a DOM ladder. They do offer simplified DOM.

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    I don't quite see what you mean. Isn't there a "Working Orders" section in Monitor's tab where you see all your working orders and then right-click the one you want to cancel/replace?

    More details?
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