Think or Swim Vs. Ameritrade

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    I'm going to open a new account, I like what I've seen in Think or Swim demos. Does anyone know if there's any advantage to opening it direct with TOS vs. opening an Ameritrade account and using their version of TOS?
  2. Not sure what the answer is to your question, but I've had pretty solid service with Ameritrade.

    "ThinkorSwim" is gonna add even MORE value to them. From what I've heard, the platform "rocks". I believe that the data-feed comes from S&P Comstock too, which is owned by Interactive Data.
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    I too have had very good service from TdAmtd.
  4. If you have a choice go with thinkorswim, features are better, and service is too. Only reason TD bought them is for superior trading platform and features.
  5. It's the SAME company now.
  6. Yeah, if you really are set for those two brokerages, they may have merged, but TOS has better features, you can use them until they migrate your account which will be late 2009. Otherwise I would recommend Interactive Brokers and MB Trading.
  7. I don't think tdameritrade offers TOS platform. Please correct me if i am wrong.
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    Yeah they don't but the only reason they bought them out was for there platform. So it's a good idea to use TOS, and then when they merge your account with the TD, then hopefully by then they will use that platform.
  9. The acquisition closed at the end of last month. I just received a brochure in the mail earlier this week on the ToS platform.

    If you have an Ameritrade account, simply log-on and then click on "Trading Tools".

    You can download the ToS platform there.
  10. Thanks. I have both tos and tdameritrade accounts. Does it mean i can link both accounts with same login?
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