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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by shneed, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. shneed


    Anyone having problems with the new think or swim platform? Mine keeps freezing all the time.
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    Check your PC, get it cleaned (ie adware, malware, spyware removed etc..). Then contact Thinkorswim. Back in the good old days TOS was rock solid. Problems started right after the TD Ameritrade merger. Tom Sosnoff would actually answer trader questions himself. Sorry, I'm waxing nostalgic. Check your PC and look into better firms. You'll thank me if you switch.
  3. shneed


    Thanks for the advice. I'm using them for charting. They were working great until this new upgrade. All other programs work fine when running together.
  4. I was told to delete the usergui folder in the program files, then if let's say your computer is running 16gb ram, set it to half that in the login screen.

    It's extremely frustrating to have it freeze it up intraday....
  5. schizo


    It's a huge memory hog. When you lower the RAM usage, it seems to run sluggish; when you increase it, the damn thing doesn't run it all.
  6. I've used TOS for charting purposes for years.

    Since the latest update, it freezes multiple times a day and I have to ctrl alt delete the application, meanwhile ninjatrader runs flawlessly for me . My comp is pretty high end and can handle new games at the highest settings with no prob which is way more demanding than any trading application . Therefore I have concluded that TOS is full of bugs. Not happy with their product anymore. Do not use them for orders ever. When you need them the most, like on high volatility days, you can bet your bottom dollar they are down or lagging severely. Heck their data feed even lags severely on a "normal day"..... terrible for live trading.

    On aug 24 and another recent high volatility day, they were completely down for everyone for hours on end.

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  7. ^^^^^^ Totally agree, yet I am still running TOS for charts and placing orders through IB. What do you recommend to switch to?
  8. piezoe


    Maybe they are taking payment for order flow. Your new orders flowing to Microsoft, Tiger direct, and NewEgg. :D
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  9. i960


    Sierra Chart and just do your trading directly from within it clearing IB. This presumes outrights and not options though.
  10. shneed


    I started using Medved trader with IB feed, works fine so far. I upgraded my video card today, going to see if it helps tomorrow.
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