Think or Swim NY seminar

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  1. Anyone going?
  2. Their site does not tell specifics. When,where who? and how to register?
  3. Got an email about the seminar:
    Hello Swimmers,

    This is your excuse to come to the Big Apple in springtime and listen to
    thinkorswim's tuna kahuna. Come to our first in a series of free
    educational seminars across the county. You'll have access to some wicked
    option trading know-how, and with thinkorswim at the helm, it'll be
    entertaining. We'll cover a range of topics including non-directional
    complex trades, risk management of an option portfolio, the latest software
    enhancements, and there'll even be a short presentation by the world's
    largest equity option exchange on the newest electronic order functionality.

    Thursday, May 29 is the date. The seminar will start promptly at 6:00
    pm, and will last about three hours. It will be at the Ballroom in the
    Hudson Hotel at 356 58th St. Click for more
    info and directions. For those looking to make a night of it, we've
    arranged a special room rate of $169. It's a very cool hotel with some
    great bars
    and restaurants.

    To reserve a spot at this event, email us at
    with your name, number of attendees, and phone number. Space is limited, so
    get your response in quickly.

    Hudson, 356 West 58th St (Hudson Room, 3rd flr) at 6:00pm,
    Thursday night May 29th.

    Might be C. Cottle speaking, don't know, they didn't say. PM me if you need to.
  4. if mr. cottle gave a little more notice, i would definately be there.


  5. I signed up.