Think or Swim...good or bad?

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  1. Does anyone trade options with "think or swim"?...I trade options with optionsxpress currently but might change...any thoughts?
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    the best around bar none and i've been with ib for 7 years doing 500 options a month. there fills and platfrom have been flawless during all this chaos. and there platform is second to none
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    I agree, they are great. They have different software for connecting, mobile, web based, and the desktop for mobile and office based trading. Each has their advantages. The research for options is very customizable. I use their charts for futures and stocks. The best thing is that they are always trying to better themselves by adding additional functionality.
  4. No, they let you trade the VIX even if you don't know what you are doing.

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    Best broker I've ever traded with. Customer service is top notch - Tom Sosnoff (the founder) often personally answers emails regarding account questions.
  6. Eliot you are a crack up!

    We switched to ToS about 2 years ago, from OX & they are absolutely the best - there is no comparison. They simply can't do enough to help & their committment to having a well educated customer base is a great bonus. Don't hesitate to move across.
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    08-11-07 04:25 AM

    Does anyone trade options with "think or swim"?...I trade options with optionsxpress currently but might change...any thoughts?

    Author have account by OXPS and tryed to open account by TOS

    Advantage of TOS -multiple UNIX capable platform ,customized
    offer from Founder ( no minimum 1.5$)

    But TOS is not public notecd company as OXPS .Public noted
    best controlled from SEC . Small company alsov more risky

    TOS founder was market -maker by CBOE and no doubt
    each day he can exchange informal information about he's
    clients with he's friends by CBOE .

    TOS moral decreased in this year through market-making by FOREX

    Author have had conflict with TOS founder from simple reason

    Only with calculation that all e-mail exchange's(some 50 e-mails) with founder was sended from author real time to SEC,FBI and Court conflict was resolved.

    TOS Founder wrote in e-mail to author ,that he will
    eliminate author access to all USA financial instituts.

    Author alsov disscussed matter with TOS legal
    representative and he have made good impression
    of professional .
    If any operator would have conflict with TOS ,more
    chance that TOS would won.

    Operator must be capable to perform this task against TOS
    legal department

    Limitation of author opinion ,that he is not USA resident
    and possibly with USA native public behaviar of TOS
    are more friendly ...

    Your respectfully
  8. You might want to check out "Broker" review section on ET....ALL current customers of TOS rave about it. The only neg review was someone who was NOT a customer.
  9. Stoopid question: is Gainskeeper easily linked to/available on their site?
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