Think or Swim data messy??

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  1. Lately TOS tick charts (NQ and ES) are missing data and it occasionally stops.. When it resumes the charts have holes... Anyone else having this issue?? I opened it this morning to find the first 2 hours of 5/20 missing.. Time charts are fine though there are still some gaps in those too.. Have called them before and they simply ignore the data loss...
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  2. ditto. checkout mirus with zenfire/ninja
  3. Thanks I will.. Getting worse today.. Friday shows only about 1 hr of tick data, everything else gone (was there on Friday, so all my Trendlines are a mess).. Daily NQ chart missing most of Friday as well.. Data quality Has really taken a dive last few days.. nearly trading in the dark..
  4. Are the problems you are having on a Live or Paper account? The reason I ask.. I run both a live and paper account at the same time each day. The paper account has these problems you speak of. But, the live account is just fine.
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  5. That explains the problems! I had the same thoughts as I use a paper account just for charts but trade with another broker... Called tech yesterday and he had no gaps in his charts.. I kept wondering there is no way TOS clients can be putting up with such bad data.

    I need to get an alternative source... I have the Ninja Trader option but it does not seem to be trouble free from reading their forum.
  6. I'm going to guess, because I don't know for sure.. Is that they put the paper accounts on a lesser server without as much CPU power/bandwidth.

    Not to say I haven't had problems on my live account, but these chart issues, I believe, are mostly present on the paper accounts.
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    The problems with TOS are much worse than that. Not only is it messy at time, but even at best of times, it's still very innaccurate. Just compare it to IB charts or Esignal, and you'll see what I mean.

    TOS charts are for hobby traders.

    If you want correct data you'll need to pay for it.
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  8. In the live thinkorswim account the quotes are a little slow, as in not tick for tick and not very fast, but they are not bad. The charts on the other hand are terribly slow whenever the market moves at all. You will see the quotes update up to 10 times without one change in the chart. There are occasional gaps in the data overnight when they shut down for maintenance. Their whole system is java based so no matter how good or fast your computer is their platform is only going to use one processing core.

    Don’t even bother to ask about quotes on futures options, they are a complete mess. So if you don’t trade futures, and don’t care about fast speed then TOS is fine. Their platform and all quotes/charts are free, so you have to consider that you get what you pay for.
  9. I haven't used IB, so I cannot compare their charts (although I have had it quickly demo'd to me) to TOS.

    However, I am largely happy with TOS charts. I don't know about IB, but with TOS I can write my own indicator functionality. That is nice.

    Beyond paper charts, I haven't experienced any annoying issues. Other than the maintenance every night around midnight PST. Can sometimes interfere with late night currency trading.

    By no means do I think TOS is the greatest thing in the world. It has its problems. And it can seem to bog down at times. But, largely, I like it much better than anything else I've used.

    Besides, TOS is the only place I can run Prodigio. That alone is keeping me around.
  10. Sounds like I've been lucky with paper TOS last few months then.. only this week has it been bad enough to need fixing.. I'll look at E-Signal..

    Another thing that needs fixing is the markets... going against me all day today..
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