Think or Swim. Any idea when it will be working properly again?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by 4Rings2Snails, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. I foolishly choose to do the most recent update and now I'm blind do to volume and price inaccuracies.

    Anyone talk to them?
  2. It's not their recent update, it's their feed (I didn't update and it's still messed up).

    They're recommending to use Prophet charts instead.
  3. shocking deterioration of quality there. stunning how bad it is now.
  4. clw54


    No prices quotes on ThinkMobile on my BlackBerry either.
  5. Unreal. I thought it was on my end. It's unfortunate what TD's doing. What a buch of clowns.
  6. prophet charts were working good though
  7. ha, f'd up again!
  8. and again..........
  9. ashantt


    i've been with them over a year and have had no problems (although I didn't trade over this summer) but what's up with the charts freezing this week, sucks. Still love TOS though.