Think Or Swim and Options on Futures?

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Would you like TOS's platform to include options on futures?

  1. Yes I do!

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  2. Nope, no way!

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  1. Now I've been very pleased with TOS's software platform. My executions have been great. I've been doing futures for some time with another broker, and would like to consolidate. What I'd like to know is anyone knows if Think or Swim will be doing other futures contracts besides the minis and also more importantly, if they will be doing options on futures.

    Thanks! :)
  2. They stated a couple weeks ago that they're adding more products soon but they didn't say which.
  3. I hear it may be energy futs, but I hope it's even more than that.


    I have an account with TOS. I like the platform also. I like the company. But, I don't know if Penson their clearing firm isn't prepared to do options on futures. I know TOS management wants to offer optioins on futures, they've said as much. So, I also have an account with IB for the options on futures. But, I doubt I'll ever give up my TOS account options with futures or no options with futures. They are a good group.

  5. Anyone have any more info to provide on this?
  6. ajna


    Per Sosnoff last week:
    "Our first release for S&P options on futures is scheduled for Feb... Dow, grains, euro, metals and oil will follow shortly thereafter."
  7. Awesome.

    Thanks for the info..

    Anyone know if they are adding any outright futs contracts as well?
  8. that's awesome.
  9. I really like TOS but don't hold your breath, they say this all the time and always nothing, they never deliver on it... I remember a year ago I asked them and they said it was just a few weeks away....
  10. Sosnoff told me that inter-ex routing [NBBO] was weeks away. That was 3 years ago.
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