Think of Swim for FUTURES?

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  1. Anyone using their platform for YM, ES, NQ trading?

    I know they're good for options, but wondering if their platform is anygood for following the futures?

    Any insight would be helpful.
  2. I believe I am one of their most active ES traders. What do you want to know? There is no time and sales, no DOM, the ES quotes are filtered so they are a little slow but they do hold up when it gets busy. There are no tick charts but the other charts take about 15 seconds to update when a big move happens; the quotes still move but the charts lag. Other than their problems yesterday it is a very stable platform.

    Basically they are fine for position traders and swing traders but no scalper would ever use them. They are planning to add futures options, 24 hour support, some form of DOM, and tick charts at some point but no one knows when.
  3. I would be looking basically for use of their platform. Charting mainly, for intraday moves and longer time frames as well. I would NOT BE executing through them or their platform. So I guess right now they're not that accurate on a tick by tick basis?

    Also wondering about their FX capabilities and platform.

    I would be using another broker for majority of trades, and use the TOS account for only a portion of my trades.
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    Wow, considering what most intraday traders have to work with these days it sounds like they're really behind the curve.

    Thanks for the info.
  5. Algorithm,
    I have not used them to trade FX, but I do use their Prophet charts to watch the FX prices and it works for me. Every trader is different so I would suggest you download their software and use it for free on the trial period.

    You need to view them as an option firm (of which I consider them one of the best) that also offers futures. They are not currently trying to be a state of the art futures firm. There is no firm out there that is great at everything.
  6. I agree with OPT...pretty much my experience in trading ES/NQ for the last 3 months. Yesterday was the only day I've experienced platform problems and it was especially difficult on the futures trading.
  7. Their charts can lag behind the quotes by as much as 15 seconds? No DOM? Filtered ES quotes? And you find this acceptable?

    This sounds like the worst platform out there. Delayed information in the futures market will kill you.

    I would suggest trying Global Futures', Global Strategy Trader, or perhaps Strategy Runner. Either that or give Trade Station a try. I tried TS and didn't like it. Rapid order entry and modification is impossible on TS's platform. GST is the way to go, imo. No T&S tho.

  8. ok this is little off .i trade e minis with TOS. yes charts are lagging maybe for second maybe for two when its very heavy then little more.quotes are NOT LAGGING at all and i don't know about filtered quotes, it works for me perfectly.yes there is no dom but there are mostly fakes anyway so less headache to figuring whats real whats not.yes there is no t&s but they planing to add that.well it sounds like not very cool broker right ,wrong i want you to go to tos page and try live help and u will see how many seconds it takes to get someone, it might be 10 it might be 30 and your problems solved .now try to do something like that with IB
  9. 15 second lag? I haven't experienced anything like that. I use TOS for futures (YM) scalping with no problem. I've done it successfully with good results. It may not be the best platform for futures right now but it's hardly that bad. If I can make money scalping with it then nearly anyone can. I trade on the minute chart, I get in right before the move and get out at the end of the move without any noticeable slippage. Plus I negotiated a better futures commission rate so I don't pay the advertised rate either. I requested a DOM awhile back, and am anticipating seeing that feature.
  10. The DOM has no value for making trading decisions in the fut's market because there's either a ton of orders sitting on it that will never be executed, or orders change so fast that getting a read impossible. It is VERY useful for placing orders though. I'd be lost without it.

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