Think most voters are worried about national debt?

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    If you think the Tea Parties are going strong and people are waking up to the fact that governmental deficit spending is a runaway train headed for a cliff, then follow this story. A senator from Kentucky (who's basically all washed up so he has nothing to lose) is the lone holdout on a new spending bill, asking for just a wee bit of fiscal responsibility.

    Read the comments. Watch what happens. Check out the Sunday editorials. You'll soon see we're f#@^ed.
  2. Whaddaya mean, "all washed up'.... he's been a principled supporter of the Constitution and for fiscal responsibility all along. He'd have made a good president... unlike the ASSHOLE we have now.. :mad: :mad:
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    Up to the present, debt hasn't mattered. If you disagree, please show me ONE period in our history when it has had a significant adverse effect.
  4. Your post indicates you to be a shallow or non-thinker... Your comment infers "our national debt has never mattered in the past, doesn't matter now... therefore, will never matter in the future"... waaayyyyy wrong.

    Debt "never matters", until it does. It's no different from an individual when he first starts to leverage his personal balance sheet. Intially, all is OK because he can "handle it". But one day, it gets too large and he can no longer handle it. He goes from feeling OK to crisis in a blink. Since the creation of the Fed in 1913, America has always been able to "handle it"... however, the crisis point appears to be near.
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    It's been higher, much higher.
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    There's a period where you run up debt, a period when you can't pay back the debt but it's more profitable to ignore that fact, and a period when the jig is up and everyone can all of a sudden see the obvious.

    Which period are we in?
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    His post is spot on with what most people think. Anybody that can reason well knows it is bovine excrement, but the average person can't or won't. They just think it doesn't matter or somebody else will end up paying for it (rich people, future generations, ChiComs, etc). Most voters are quite happy to close their eyes to the future and hold out their hands for the goodies today.

    Look at the other problems we face. Drug abuse, obesity, too much personal debt not enough savings, etc. We're a society of people whom could not care less about the future, just as long as we can have a good time now.

    We used to be a society where we worried more about the future than the present, where we planned and sacrficied and did without to make our futures brighter. We automatically distrusted any "something for nothing" deal. You could stand on a street corner in NYC and offer free 20 dollar bills - and get no takers. But now ponzi schemes promising double digit risk free returns take in so many victims that the authorities aren't even interested in small timers who are only taking in a million or two. They aren't interested because they don't have the time to chase all these guys down - all these guys who wouldn't have been able to scam a dime from people 50 years ago.
  8. Largely a fault of Libtard government policies.

    If we'd have been able to adhere to the principles of the Constitution, we wouldn't have many of the problems of today.

    Most don't realize... America was DIFFERENT! And we still are, but to a lesser degree. A huge majority of the world is governed by some form of monarchy, dictatorship, oligarchy, Socialist regime... America is almost unique... AND THE REST OF THE WORLD GOVERNMENTS HATE US FOR IT.. WOULD LIKE NOTHING BETTER FOR US TO SUCCUMB.. and become like the others. We are the last bastion of freedom and opportunity..

    But our 'freedoms and opportunity" are being eroded by the likes of SEIU, Acorn, and the Obama/Reid/Peolosi triumvirate.

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    We've had debt since about 1795. There have only been a few times when we haven't run a deficit. I posted what I did, not because I don't think it's a serious matter, but because historically debt has not had a negative effect. Why will this time be different? And, jftr, I do think this may end badly. But I don't think it will to the extent some people say. Think about it. If our currency stays strong, relative to others, the most likely outcome will be inflation. If you ask me, that's where the real outrage should be. The debt is just s symptom of a larger problem.

    Oh, and thanks for the compliment :D
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    Darn right America was different, and we could take a tiny step back towards what was right about it by you quitting the histrionics and getting back to work. Jesus, I've never seen such a worrier.
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