Think and grow rich

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  2. Think and Grow Rich....

    Yea, right.
    The recipe for to write a book or teach something that's Catchy and sexy and clickbaity. And make Bank off of the dumb, naive, gullible masses.
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  3. If you think it, it will come...
  4. It was a joke. Did you see the picture?
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  5. Nobert


    Trump tower.
    Trump got pissed for loosing 2024.
    Throws out the safe.
    Smashes Biden's son.
  6. mikeriley


    It always starts and ends with a thought.
    But those thoughts which move emotions
    and or insight from the subconscious always
    win or lose in the end.
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  7. maxinger


    It means

    If you have terrible headache thinking how to be rich, better be killed by a falling safe.
  8. tiddlywinks


    The contents of the safe is UNKNOWN.
    Could be warm, expired vials of Covid vaxx, worth billions at one time.

    Lack of specificity produces non-specific results.

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  9. Hello MacBookProHo,

    You are absolutely right.

    This book does not work to grow rich.

    You get rick by simply selling How to Make Money books and courses to people who desire to rich.

    Learning to sell products is how you get rich. NOT work hard. Noone wants to work hard.
  10. Well, get on social media....and become a larger than life, master salesman, personality.
    If you can truly master that, move minds, move hearts, move will flow to you like a river stream. A rapid river.
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