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    If you look at the library of most millionares you will find a variety of books, some unique to that person and others that seem to be read by all of these people. One of the books that seems to be commonly mentioned by high achievers and millioinares as having been very influencial to them is Napolean Hill's Think and Grow Rich. The original book was published in 1936 and thus is no longer covered under copywrite laws. Various publishers have taken the original and added something too it, thus giving themselves a product that can be protected by copywrite law, but the original is not. If anyone is interested in downloading Hill's book in PDF format it is available on Google books.
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    Say you wouldn't have the title "Think and Grow Big" would you?

    BTW it's NOT for me, it's for a "friend".
  3. brandon, how old are you?

    are you still trying to find yourself?
  4. A glaring example of how successful this kind of thievery can be, is the hit show “House”.

    Gregory House = Sherlock Holmes
    Wilson = Watson

    Different time, different place, but same story.
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    I turned 32 in December. I think I'm pretty certain of where I am. I got lost in the woods once when I was a kid but I simply found the river and followed it back into town.
  6. Brandon:

    You may want to edit your posts for important words such as Copyright (unless you mean something different with the word "Copywrite"). Copyright protects expressions of views/ideas/etc. The word relates to "rights" and not to "writing".

    Thought to let you know (in a constructive spirit). Keep sharing, even if I personally do not like those works such as "Think and Grow Rich" and all the motivational stuff.
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    I really need to find that course "spelling secrets of a kindergarten dropout" and pay the damn $19.95 for it don't I? :)
  8. :)

    Do not worry about it! One thing I like in you is that you seem to take action.
  9. Few ways to grow rich.

    1. Make at least 10-20x more then the average employee per year

    2. Your expenses on the other hand should be at around 5-10% of your total income , 1/5th of the average employee.

    Plow all money into incoming producing ASSETS, If it doesn't produce income, it is NOT an asset. Stocks are NOT an asset. They are a speculative tool.
    Stock accounts should be 5-10% of your portfolio. 90% should be in INCOME producing assets.


    How to find something that makes 10x the average employee.

    a. Make sure there is very little competitoon in your field.
    b. Make sure the field is booming from outside money/investments.

    tips and false myths.

    a. Hard work does not make you rich
    b. Hard work + extreme opportunity makes you rich.
    c. Low competition is the key to extreme opportunity.
    d. Stocks = Assets. Wrong. No income = No asset.

    Forexs are Not an asset.
    BONDS are assets.
    Solid Real estate are assets.
    CDS are assets.
    Mutual funds are NOT assets.
    Owning a Brand name Business that pays you a salary = assets.
    Cash = neutral.

    Always stay in cash until you can find good assets to be in, NEver worry about inflation, Never think about "must be in assets".
    Assets should always be bought at the right price, never because you must BE in an asset. Nobody NEEDS to be 100% assets.

    Love the tools who move money from bigcap -> smallcap -> international in 401k, and think thats asset diversification. Sounds more to me like musical chairs for the retarddd

  10. b. Hard work + extreme opportunity makes you rich.

    Imo, I think you have to be in a field where opportunity presents itself or cultivate business associates who share the same goals and look for opps.

    I don't suppose someone who works in a factory or a gov't job will have much exposure to opportunities.

    For example,

    If someone worked in the real estate business, they may be able to find the bargains or as Trump called them, the "don't wants". Real estate or a business that people just don't want anymore because of lack of interest, divorce, etc.

    You might say "Well, I can hire someone to help me find the bargains", possibly, but by the time the info gets to you it may be gone, by someone who is inside and acts faster.


    This is not to say opps aren't everywhere.

    I knew this fellow who developed a mech device that saved the state millions (he was a state employee), for this he received a nice plaque and about 6k bonus. Pffffffffttttttttt, he could have started his own company, built the device himself, sold it to the state and still saved the state millions and made a few million for himself.
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