Think $41,000 Steep For A Chevy Volt? One Dealer Wants $20,000 Premium!

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  1. At that price, perhaps GM should rename it the Chevy Revolt.
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    First off this is only one dealership out of hundreds that claim they are going to sell it for a $20k premium, probably not even true.

    Second there is no name of the dealership in the article

    Third, only a dumb fool would buy any GM product with that kind of premium

    Fourth who cares, ITS a GM vehicle.
  3. I've noticed quite a bit of this sort of "generated hysteria" recently. It's clearly an attempt to try and generate a sort of false bidding war by planting articles with shills talking up the prospects of overwhelming demand, limited supplies of available products...err, kind of like the same garbage we saw with realtors and "industry experts" a few years ago.
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    One dealer was offering to sell a nissan GTR for +20K premium in my area. Not sure if you can get them cheaper, but for sure nobody will pay that kind of premium for a volt.
  5. If that is the case, the government should remove the taxpayer subsides.
  6. Anyone stupid enough to pay 41K will probably pay 61K. Think the Ed Begley Jr's of the world. Penny wise and pound foolish to the max.
  7. True. It was mentioned on msnbc this morning.
  8. Second Chevy Volt auctions for $225,000

    Fueled by last minute bidding, General Motors raised $225,000 for Detroit Public Schools by auctioning the second Chevrolet Volt built at the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant.

    The automaker kept the first Volt for display at the GM Heritage Museum.

    Bidding opened on Nov. 30 at $50,000 and appeared to stop at $185,000 on Dec. 3 with no competing bid offered until 5:43 p.m. Tuesday, 17 minutes before the auction's 6 p.m. deadline GM will not reveal the winning bidder until a GM event Thursday night. The price shot from $185,000 to $225,000 in a frantic down-to-the-wire exchange between two people with screen names "Volter" and "ChargeOn," with the latter submitting the winning bid just 14 seconds before the deadline.

    The auctioned car features a Viridian Joule Tricoat exterior and a Light Neutral with Dark Accents interior along with the Premium Trim Package and other amenities. The donated package includes a 240-volt charging station and installation.
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