Things you don't believe in?

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    Here is my list:

    - God
    - good or bad luck
    - Success and Failure
    - that I just won $10,000 in lottery without me even buying a ticket!
    - fairy maids: I sweep and clean the floor every Sunday afternoon, but since my roommates have never seen me doing it, they believe there is such thing as fairy maids:cool: :p
    - "never give up" type of advice
    - "God bless America", why not Chile or Mongolia?:cool:
    - TA of stocks
  2. Me I'm just the opposite. I believe in everything cause I was born yesterday.I just don't use much of the stuff I believe in.

    Doc said I'm going to die if I don't get a swine flu shot. I told him I beleive him but thanks just the same, don't need it.

    I told my friend I'm going to the track and he said I need a rabbits foot. He said it works to help him pick the horses. Honest Injun I believe him but.. but... I'll take my chances without it.

    Some people think I live on the edge:D :D :D

    Walking around not doing stuff I believe in.
  3. There are not a lot of things I believe in, but I believe in a few:

    I believe there is a God.
    I believe in Murphy's law.
  4. lol those are pretty good :D
  5. I believe in God, but am a Roman Catholic who doesn't buy all the contradictions of their dogma.
    I don't believe in luck.
    I don't believe the press can do anything unbiased, either side of the political spectrum, so I have to waste my time interperting everything.
    I don't believe any politician.
  6. Republican populism oxymoron.
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    Universe here by accident, I don't believe that, upon inspection of that "theology" it's a joke actually..

    Churches have all the answers about God: If you follow God's lead and get all the answers, the churches don't want you around, been there done that, on to the next phase of life, thank you very much churches everywhere...

    Doctors are about my health: I cured bursitis with Hyaluronic Acid from a health food store, told the doc what happened.. he gets real arrogant and says "if you cured it with a supplement then it wasn't diagnosed right in the first place"... uhhh doc? See this upraised middle digit? Diagnose that for me, ok?

    People really know themselves: People do not really know their own real selves! That might be my most shocking discovery ever... they believe lies from childhood onward that mask their real selves, few ever uncover it all and become their real selves...

    Hugely intelligent people with complicated reasoning have the answers: if their assumptions are wrong then their logic is just another shiny object, their overdeveloped brains are just putty and their conclusions are shit...
  8. Does this mean you do believe in hugely dumb people with simple reasons :D

    If the smart people can't figure it out why would you assume the dumb person can do any better?
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  9. I don't believe in

    ---religion ---but I believe in Jesus
    ---debt ---but I live in America
    ---Killing ---but I own lethal self protection
    ---Greed ---but I am a professional trader
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    I don't believe it's at all coincidental that James Bond, Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer all have the same initials.
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