Things to see in Manhattan?

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  1. I am going to Manhattan this month and I am wondering if there is anything worth seeing in or near the Financial District.

    I went a few years ago but the only thing to do was walk by and look at the outside on the NYSE.

    Is there anything else to do or see that a trader would be interested in?
  2. I would have suggested the Transvestites on 42nd St (No , Not Michelle Cabrera) but they cleaned that up 15 years ago.
  3. Well, there is museum of Finance, 48 Wall Street

    Also check out the world financial center by the river, next to the new GS building.

    WFC has great views of the hudson river and statue of liberty, on the other side is a view of the dreaded ground zero. Good place to grab a coffee or a drink or two or three. NYMEX is also within WFC, but no visitors allowed.

  4. I may check these out. Thanks for your response!
  5. If you're going before Christmas, go over to 5th Ave. It's a crowded sea of humanity, but it can be fun, with the right attitude.
    The American Health Bar on 57th if you like to be abused by non-American employees.
    Avoid anything with the name "Trump" on it.
    There is NO soup nazi, regardless of the number of claims.
    I'm not going this year, and I will genuinely miss it.
  6. You could visit the 'charging bull' in Bowling Green and rub its nuts.
  7. Stock777, you are a Chelsea guy for sure ;)

  8. u can visit the charging bull in bowling green and rub its nuts.