Things to do during the trading day dulldrums

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Cdntrader, May 30, 2002.

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  1. I'm fond of office golf myself

  2. Rigel


    Read books.
    Ruminate about the market.
    Share experiences and viewpoints with others.
    Watch a few advertisements on cable TV.
  3. One of my favorites is doing the office secretary on my desk ( while still watching CNBC ):p


    One of my favorites is doing the office secretary on my desk ( while still watching CNBC )

    What's his name????

    Just kidding. I think we can cancel this thread right now, because nobody is going to top your intraday activity...keep up the good work!!!!:D :D
  5. Sometimes I like to get into holy wars on ET...but i'd definitely rather be puttin' it to the sec...
  6. trdrmac


    Oh I don't know volume we could ask 1Reasons Secretary about:

    Bad Fills
    Light Volume
    And Mirco Scalps as opposed to the longer term trades she prefers.


    Actually, during the school year I found a program one day a week for 1 hour where I would go to the school and work with "at risk kids". Would highly recommend it if they have it in your area and you can walk away from the monitor for a while.
  7. Now that WAS funny!!:D

    Really like your signature line trdmac as I loved the movie Glen Gary Glen Ross!!!

    By the way, Whats wrong with a quick scalp??:cool: :p
  8. trdrmac



    Yeah that scene has to be one of my all time favorites. My buddy and I recite bits and pieces when things just don't go as planed.

    As for a quick scalp, not a thing. We can't call it the Commander in chief any more, but it does break up the day.
  9. vinigar


    Getting older now I find that during these "doldrums" my time is best served by sorting out my...Viagra from my Rogaine and my preparation H from my Polident. You see if your old and you can't find your spectacles in the morning you tend to get these things mixed up....then if you get them mixed up...your hair stands up on end and your dick keeps growing; you can't shit for a week cause the cheeks of your ass are stuck together and you can't keep your false teeth from slipping and flying out of your mouth.
    :D :D :D
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