Things that identify a bubble/Top

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  1. #1 You hear radio ads about investing in XXX now!!
    #2 The Mexican that cuts your lawn mentions he is investing in XXX
    #3 It appears on the cover of Time Magazine
    #4 Soccer moms are discussing such XXX investment and know some terminology.

    Anyhow add your thoughts.
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    XXXX (and its competitors YYYY and ZZZZ) blow their whole annual marketing budgets on 30-second commercials during the Super Bowl.

    GSCO is shorting XXXX (at the same time as its analysts are recommending it).

    One of my automated trading systems gives a "buy" signal.
  3. #5 Parents send their children to "investment banking" and "hedge fund" camp instead of traditional camping during the Summer. :( :eek: :D
  4. When you see a brokerage firm running commericals on TV touting that you can drive a tow truck and trade stocks on the side and make enough money to buy an island.
  5. When the "52-week high" stock list on Wall Street Journal is more than half a page long.
  6. When Paris Hilton gets arrested for (Alcohol/drugs/etc..) That marks the DANGER SPOT.
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    when bo obama rings the opening bell while barack is wearing a bathing suit and smoking a cigarette.
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    irrational rationalism.
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