Things that holding you back

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  1. What are they?
  2. People who are assholes.
    Please advise how to get rid of them. :D
  3. Go learn and internalize Pancha Kleshe.Not that they are assholes,it is you to blame.
  4. Interesting.

    Pancha Kleshe :
    - Ignorance,
    - Egoism
    - cravings for enjoyments
    - Aversions
    - Clinging to life

    Who is to blame for psychopaths? :D
  5. while we are at it, who is to blame for King Crimson ?

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    Answer highly sought. :D

  6. Putting on too large of size for my account, lack of time to dedicate to the markets, not consistently fixing a few things I know I am doing wrong, and most of all...EXCUSES.
  7. zdreg


    if you are unwillingly to make the time you should not be trading at all, unless you are looking t0 pay for the college education of the children of market makers and/or their mistresses.
  8. a lack of money.

    If I have a billion dollars, I won't be held back. I will be able to buy a lot of things.
  9. So your slave to the money?Chances that you are risking to stay a slave for the rest of your life.I know folks alive and kicking with the $1K of income.
  10. Haha it's not a lack of being willing to make the time, it's an actual lack of time in the day. Full time job, college student, and a family doesn't leave much spare time. I guess that could fall under the making excuses part though lol. But you are right on funding the education of market makers children also!
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