Things Suddenly Going Very Bad For Obama

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  1. They say overnight is a long time in politics, and a week is an eternity. Recent events are proving that adage out.

    I thought Romney ran a weak, passive campaign over the summer. He let Obama take the initiative in sliming him. I didn't like the Ryan pick either. Took the focus off Obama. Things were looking up for Obama by the end of last week.

    Now, it's all changed. Quickly. The visual of Egyptian mobs scaling the wall at the U. S. Embassy and pulling down Old Glory has to be a gut shot for Obama. No one who remembers Tehran and Jimmy Carter will miss the analogy.

    Now the ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were murdered by a mob of islamists. The same islamists Obama assisted in kicking out Gaddafi. Supposedly they were annoyed by some internet video that dared to criticize islam.

    Obama's man in Afghanistan, Harmad Karzai, helpfully weighed in that he too was very upset by the video. Afghan soldiers and police shooting their American trainers in cold blood don't move his needle, but an internet video? He's beside himself.

    Obama's middle east strategy has had the effect, intentional or not, of isolating Israel and exposing her to vastly increased risks. Egypt, once a partner with Israel, is now run by bloodthristy Muslim Brotherhood terrorists who have made no secret of their desire to destroy Israel. Their latest move was to meet with Iranian intelligence officials and allow Iranian warships transit through the Suez Canal.

    Now, with Iran nearing the point of no return in its relentless quest for nuclear arms, Israeli PM Netanyahu is at wits end with obama's vacillation and lack of leadership. Obama's latest move was to reject an urgent request for a face to face with Netanyahu in NY. Obama had to go on Letterman instead, so sorry Bibi, maybe next year, if Israel is still around.

    Netanyahu is nobody's fool. He sees the handwriting on the wall. Obama will not be terribly concerned if Israel is hit with nukes. In fact, he seems more interested in facilitating the rise to power of radical islamists than protecting America's or Israel's interests.

    With an Israeli strike on Iran becoming a matter of when not if, we can focus on the domestic economy. After some tepid growth, the trajectory has flattened and threatens to turn down. Central bank smoke and mirrors can only last so long and do so much. The fiscal cliff looms in january, and even wishy washy House Speaker Boehner is shooting down wishful thinking that it can be avoided. The fact is, neither party will budge, not when Obama is basing his whole reelection campaign on demagoguing the tax issue.

    Then there is Chicago. Got to hand it to the teachers' unions. They picked the point of maximum leverage to stage their walkout. Beginning of the school year and fourth quarter of the presidential election. Obama is caught between a rock and a hard place. Back the unpopular unions and undermine his former chief of staff? Or risk alienating his single most important constituency? Tough call.

    Like I said, a lot can change very quickly in politics. Obama is on his back foot at the moment, frozen by a barrage of unforseen developments that threaten to upend his campaign.
  2. Voters are going to feel sorry for Obama and re elect him.
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    I didn't see the Libyans scale the White House fence and strangle Obama to death. If that should happen, he can have my sympathies.

    Teddy Roosevelt said, "speak softly and carry a big stick."

    Contrary to the gaff by Biden, Obama speaks softly and carries a wet noodle.
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    That's actually part of our problem. Too much feeling by the voters and not enough thinking.
  5. As much as the GOP sees these horrible events as boost for Romney, with Romney smirking and smiling while address the nation about Americans being killed, this will backfire on Romney. Just making stuff up and lying cannot and will not win the election. Heaven help us if it does.

    After Cairo and Benghazi Attacks, Conservatives Resurrect Obama ‘Apology Tour’ Lie

    For our Fox addicts, take a breath and think if you really like hanging your hats on a sick team of liars. As noted, both sides lie, but as on my other post with examples, not to the extent of the GOP this time around. So, again the ABO crowd can be so proud of their team. Americans die, the GOP rejoices.
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    Even worse, just imagine if The One is indeed reelected. That would mean that a socialist president would always win no matter how bad things get, that a majority of voters will close their eyes to the future to get a handout today. We'll be mainlining socialism, and we'll be hooked.
  7. No doubt about that and Obama is going to go all out in his 2nd term. He has nothing to lose anymore.
  8. Who's the liar? Obama did apologize, repeatedly. Then he compounded it by apologizing cravenly when some korans got burned accidentally. He attacked that preacher in florida who burned some korans. The Embassy in Egypt issued a sickening statement about the latest video.

    To Arabs, all this apologizing is a sign of weakness. It's like running from a dog. It only fuels their aggression. You'd think Obama would understand this, since he was raised muslim.

    He sure doesn't feel the need to apologize when he insults Christians or the PM of Israel. But that's different.

    Is it too much to ask to have a President who stands up for American values? Of course, this one would need a Values Czar to tell him what those are.
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    Oh I don't know, it worked for Obama in 2008.
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