Things may be ugly tomorrow---Egypt

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  1. traders be careful. just read a headline that said "armed gangs" are releasing militants from jails in Egypt". things are getting worse and more unstable in Egypt and this will no doubt cause much uncertainty as well as driving up oil prices. the reason this is so negative is dUe to Egypt being a stable environment in that region as well as a friend to the U.S. thoe market will ask itself if this can happen in egypt,where else in the mid east can it happen.
    trade with the utmost caution.
  2. Futures may start way lower, but market rallies to close unchanged or green by the end of the day.

    Imagine a game of rock, paper, scissors where one of the objects wins every time. That's what Bernanke's money printing machine is. Until things get so out of control that even Bernanke has to contemplate tightening, all dips are to be bought.

    Printing money >>> Mubarak being ousted in Egypt
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    Last part is true, however printing money <<< Dow Jones 12,000. Not nearly enough money has been printed to get it there and it needs a deeper correction.

    Edit: Before you say "but it's been there!", think about what you are saying for a moment. Getting to 12,000 took both QE and a whole lot of optimism from the trader crowd. Were everyone still pessimistic, had nobody believed in QE nor an economic recovery then we would have only rallied a few hundred points (mind you that going down was absolutely not an option back in August)
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    Reality stop being relevant to the stock market performance years ago.

    Green all the way to infinity while the greenback and the US collapse into oblivion.

    Any 0.1% drop is a chance to 'accumulate'



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  5. seriously the market was due for major correction even without the riots in Egypt,,,the riots in Egypt is just an omenious coincidence.

    next is saudi kingdom...why do you think the saudi royal family or saudi sovereign fund own 5% of US equity markets or more with all the profits in oil...the saudi royal family will be US refugees like iran refugees and iraq refugees...cuban exiles...all in the US and Jews who left Germany in world war 2.. the saudi family already have exit plan if the kingdom falls. run to US

    these islami brothers took down the iran puppet gov't and iraq gov't..any gov't perceived to be US puppets will taken down by bullets.

    Egypt is a military state and the president lives and acts like a King.

    Egypt ain't no friend of the US...the US gives money 1.5 billion in aid to the military regime of Egypt. there is no human rights or democracy in Egypt. or freedom.

    in the US there is regime change every fucking 4 years.

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    Nothing to do with Egypt. The top was predicted in the ES Journal thread and the dollar strengthening helped...
  7. What? Did they all buy plane tickets to America?
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    what difference will change of government make in egypt or for that sense other third world nations.........politicians will be the same.

    folks should try to influence the policies not the people in power. :D

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  10. the average joe Egyptian don't give fuck about American, Saudi or 'opinions' from isreal or any country

    it's their country if they want regime change it's nobody business. isn't it?

    hillary clinton's commens and opinions don't matter..
    1.5 billion aid to Egypt goes the Presidents of Egypt personal bank account. to pay for his death sqaurds and personal body gaurds and etc.

    none of the 1.5 billion aid goes to average joe Egyption that 1.5 billion aid is to buy US guns and US fighter jets and US made guns.

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