Things heating up again in Iran

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    There have been 3 days of back to back demonstrations which were sparked by university privatization but morphed into anti-clerical/anti-government demonstrations.

    Things never really quieted down from Nov'02 when another round of demonstrations started and fizzled out without any violent results. The other recent one in 1999 was much more serious and it is that anniversary which they may be symbolically trying to reach in July.

    This feels like the boy who cried wolf. Intermittent clashes between students and government which don't amount to much....until the one that does.

    I'm keeping an eye on this situation for two reasons, one personal, the other, it can totally rock the oil markets and general markets if a revolutions does happen in Iran. We'll see...
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  3. The foreign policy of the United States is to break the anti-American Iranian clerics one way or another. I place that group's chances of political survival near zero.

    It's as simple as that.

  4. By Michael Ledeen
  5. We should go into Iran to liberate the people and to set-up a democracy there. Things have gone downhill since the Shah was deposed.

    Its time to hit the clerics hard, whilst minimizing collateral damage to the Iranian people.

    The interesting point is that, under the rule of the Shah, Iran was the most pro-Israel muslim country around... now its at the opposite end.

    Defeating Iran should be pretty easy, we effectively already have em encircled with bases in Iraq, Turkey, Afganistan and with aircraft carriers all over the region. It should be a pretty painless war, similar to the recent liberation of Iraq... we are also likely to find that most of the Iranians will welcome our liberation troops onto the streets of Tehran... for them, liberation will be better than the oppression of the Fundamentalist Extremist Islamic Clerics...

    God Bless America in the battle against Terrorism...
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    Candle, you're a genius: I have never seen such a concise description of what all freedom-loving, god-fearing Americans think. Thank you!
    Once Iran has been liberated and the late Shah's son has been put back on his throne, the world will be such a much a nicer place.

    But isn't it ironic that liberation of Iran by Americans for Americans through Americans also means restoring a monarchy?

    Well yeah, if that's what it takes...
  7. The frustrating thing about really good intelligence work is we never learn about it until 20 or 30 years later. It is possible we have no clue about what's going on in Iran, and our policy is still being formed.

    Let me pose something radically different, purely as a hypothetical. Let's say we actually have good sources in Iran. The CIA basically ran the place for 25 years until the enlightened Carter administration decided it would be better to let Khomeini and his thugs take over. I don't find it so hard to believe that the CIA kept sleeper agents in Iran, knowing that one day the timing would be right. Those agents sat tight for 22 years, kept their heads down and survived. Maybe they have relatives who were given asylum in America, or maybe they get paid through Swiss accounts. Who knows?

    For years, nothing. Then over the period of a few months, one, two, maybe three of those agents finally is activated or comes to life on their own. They send a message: " the people have had it. They saw when you got rid of the taliban that we could be free of these monsters as well. They are ready to revolt."

    The CIA pores over the intel. One day it is presented to the President. "Mr. President, we think we can eliminate the number one member of the axis of evil. The Iranian street is ready to explode, but the clerics are ruthless and may kill millions if they need to to stay in power. Unless we want another Bay of Pigs, we have to be ready to give the freedom fighters immediate military assistance. We have to be in control of a neighboring country to do that. We cannot risk getting permission from the Saudis. And it has to be a country with adequate facilities to house our military and serve as a base for close support of Iranian freedom fighters."

    "What do you propose?"

    "Mr. President, we have to be in control of Iraq."
  8. Thanks roe... others have also said the same of me... you are in good company... :D
  9. AAA, you are the BEST!!!

    How you come up with this stuff is pure genius.

    Always finding a way to put any and all Democrats in a bad light.

    "intheBeltway"....what is it you do in there? Let me guess.......(write for Rush? Pat? Tom D.?)

  10. RS,

    You flatter me. I learn from those great Americans, I couldn't give them ideas.

    Perhaps I was wrong to expect Jimmie Carter, a very intelligent Annapolis grad who trained under Rickover, to have the ability to manage a difficult situation like Iran. Even President Charisma himself made a mess of the Balkans, and our troops are still stuck in a quagmire there, notwithstanding Clinton's assurances that they would be home in a year. Clinton and his CNN State Department clearly thought that consolidating a Muslim state in Kosovo was right up there with Haiti in our national interests.

    Honestly, I think partisanship should end at the water's edge. But unlike the New York Times, I can't just rewrite or ignore history. Ronald Reagan, the greatest president of our lifetime, defeated the single biggest threat to our country, the Soviet Union. And Jimmie Carter, probably our worst president of the 20thcentury , say idly by as a scruffy mob of clerics took over our best ally in the Middle East and turned it into the capital of the axis of evil.
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