Things currency traders never say

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  1. 1. Well that was a bad trade and I deserved to lose, my broker had nothing to do with it
    2. That was just a lucky trade, skill wasn’t a factor
    3. That idea that there is an international conspiracy against currency traders that extends to all firms whose sole purpose to rip off traders is actually an extremely stupid idea. How do idiots at Elite trader even believe that garbage?
    4. I won’t be posting on the boards all night, I’m seeing a girl

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  2. Chood


    "Refco, that Phil Bennett thing? A fuss over nothing, the money's paid back, the stock's a screaming buy."

    "RefcoFX? Of course I know about it, no sweat. The customers will get every nickel back in January. Heck, if they're smart they'll keep trading, get even more. It's a lock, take it from me."
  3. "Hmmm, i just realized i have absoultely no idea what I'm doing, I've been really lucky and I think I'll just quit while I'm ahead"
  4. I trade because of the hot chicks.