"Things Could Get Messy" - Nomura Warns Bulls "Cannot Overstate Gamma Impact" From Tomorrow's Op-Ex

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    The Russell looks very bullish. Totally rejected the overnight gap lower and came back into the week's balance. Expect probes into the higher end of the range next week.

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    Wow. Ditto. My tpo charts look almost exactly the same. Colors and everything.
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    what type of chart is that? is the volume integrated into the candlestick?
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    It looks like Market Profile.

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    thank you very much, new to me.
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    Yes, it's a market profile chart. I find that it does a better job of showing market consensus of value areas than simple candlesticks or OHLC bars. It basically allows one to look "inside" the bars. But I use it in combination with daily and 30 minute OHLC charts for swing trading.

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    I’ve been looking into it and it is pretty interesting in that it doesn’t necessarily show volume But the Length of time it was traded at a specific price. I’ll keep looking into it...do you have a recommendation on a source for these types of charts?
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    I might add volume for the last few sessions. I'll have to pull tick data in order to do that. I figure time as a proxy should fairly accurately reflect volume, but perhaps volume could provide some additional clues as to what is happening in the market. I made my own charts, but I used WindoTrader as a reference. It's pretty popular and probably the most reputable source for market profile. James Dalton uses it. I like making my own stuff both as a programming challenge and also because it allows me ultimate flexibility in how I view and process data. My goal is to automate as much as possible. I basically have some scans for chart patterns that I run every night and then look at market profile of ES, NQ, and RTY to determine my risk appetite. If you're looking for something free, looks like ThinkOrSwim will get you most of the way there:

    This guy also covers market profile and I think offers live market profile charts during the day for a small fee of around $1 / day:

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