Thin FX = spikes

Discussion in 'Forex' started by just21, Dec 31, 2008.

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    looks a bit spikey in GBP and Aud this afternoon? What is the low in GBPCHF?
  2. Yeah these spikes in g/u are nuts 100 pips in a min or so each way. The low in the gbp/chf looks like 1.5240 or so. I am stayin away now, these are the types of swings on thin markets that can make your limits get bad slippage or so!
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    Thin volume plus London fixing causing those spikes.

    Loonie goes from 1.2115 to 1.2335 in 30 minutes. That's just friggin' crazy
  4. Man, ya'll need to learn that you don't trade during the holidays of course its thin, the heavy hitters are not trading. It is always a ghost town for two weeks in Dec.

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  5. Your right Viper, I am just watching, and of course the little gambler in me was fading a few spikes. Nothing big just some newyears fun.
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    Do trends reverse at the start of a new year or continue?
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  8. Hmmmm...
    Not necessarily. Us scalpers had a killer ride today. Hell, that was the best action I've seen since prom night!
  9. Ahhh why fight, your right I am wrong, I'll still take my 3 weeks off in Dec and 3 weeks in Aug.

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  10. Single lots Cable. I usually stick to EJ, but the price action was better on cable. Plus, even during the insane drops, cable still had some decent spreads if you're nimble. I actually experienced 20 pips positive slippage on an exit today.. that was a first.

    And, to be honest, yes the pucker factor was pretty high there for awhile, even for a scalper. While I had my best daily returns today for the year, it could have easily been a negative day. But, that pretty much describes every day.
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