THI--- Not the Hot IPO TODAY---BMA IS

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  1. Banco Macro Bansud (Up 7% once it started trading, but 71% if you got the IPO today)

    You gotta love the street when they bring this thing out the same day as the Do-Not Own (DONUT Store)

    Come On Argentina's Largest Fastest growing Bank or A DONUT Coffee store .......HMMMMMMMM......Remember KKD....I went with the hidden gem today....You can play the CNBC Donut Stock....


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  2. For daytrading, both THI and BMA are far too thin for my taste.

    AAPL has been beautiful all week.

    NYX scares the hell out of me.
  3. Yes, I'm a Long Term Holder....So For me BMA makes sense....

    Also, I must say you gotta see the run CWPC has been making .....New 52 week everyday for the last 5 days.....

    Yea...I've got my original position in at .27c....(2,450% return in 9 months)

    Oil Sands in Canada....About to get off the OTC and onto a major exchange.....(Just look at the last executive they just hired...He is an expert in Sarbanes-Oxley....HINT-HINT)

    This is only the 15th time I have told this form about it!!!


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  4. just21


    $CostAverageMAN, how do you find your stocks?
  5. I Use Vector Vest....And run many different screeners....Set up all possible positions usually (300 or more) on many different real time screens.....First to start moving upward with good volume I BUY into...(These are for short term trades)

    FOR my long term HOLDS----I do the HOMEWORK....I look at sector strength....Best of Breed....SAFETY....DIV YIELD....Institutional Ownership....FUNDAMENTALS....

    The short term trades have been very profitable.....

    Yesterday I got into....SPEX, LIV, RUN (all short term and they closed up 68%, 36%, 76%)......These were the best performers I entered into yesterday....

    Today I got LBIX....Up 30+% currently
  6. Cost,

    I could be wrong but I thought the IPO was priced at $20.35? It's trading at approx $23.00 right now. am I missing something?

  7. Yes, I believe 20.35 is where it opened up at.....Those who got the IPO only paid $13.25......74% one day gain for the IPO folks..

  8. I think the IPO shares were sold at $20.35

    "Banco Macro Bansud, the first Argentine-owned bank to list on Wall Street since the country's crippling 2001-2002 financial crisis, offered 9.7 million American depositary shares outside Argentina, with each ADS representing 10 Class B shares and priced at $20.35."


    The low of the day was $21.60 so it didn't open at $20.35

    So, I think THI still outperformed the bank.
  9. $cost, may i ask, ... did you have lbix on your watchlist before the move, or were you alerted to it from your scanner? thanks.
  10. LBIX

    Was on my real time screen
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