They're baliling out insurers now ?

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  1. Hooter's is next on the list.:p
  2. We all know that. BOTH Obama and McCain voted for it. BOTH parties are are up to their eyeballs in orchestrating this mess from the get go. Yet only one party seems to be getting the blame. That's my problem with this.

  3. Who's the sitting president of the United States.
    The TARP proposal came from the dept of Treasury.
    you gotta be kidding me

    Yes, both parties are raping us, tells you a lot about who their real masters are
  4. Yes, Bush is guilty. He inherited this fuck story form Clinton and rather than fix it, he fed it. And yes, Clinton inherited it also, and fed it as well.
  5. bodes well for the future.
    These parties don't give a shit about their constituents, their real masters are sitting in cushy chairs on wallstreet and telling them what to do...

    Auto industry
    Who's next ?
  6. Who's next? Oil and steel, but they'll get theirs the old fashioned way, with a trumped up war. Not some chickenshit war like we have now, a real war.
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    At this rate, US government is going to own more SOEs (State Owned Enterprises) than the Chinese ....

    Welcome to the People's Republic of America!