They're Back! Mob Attacks 2.0

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, Jul 4, 2011.

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    I hate to start this again but this one actually took place on the northside of Chicago, not too far from where I live. And it was featured on the local news tonight. So don't start on this "searching youtube" BS.

    <iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    And if you thought ET was bad, read some of the comments below about this video.
  2. Funny how this phenomenon seems overwhelmingly limited to "youths". RCG will tell you it's just because you're in Chicago, but it's funny how these "incidents" continue to happen with groups of "youths" and "teens" regardless of their geographical coordinates. Of course, they tell me that this is a "hate fact".
  3. Eight


    Ghettos are welfare state shitholes where people have NOTHING but time on their hands... Communists [liberation theology is communism repackaged to be Christianity] like Rev Jessie Jackemup have sued the White employers until nobody in their right mind hires blacks. So Blacks live on public monies. That can be in the form of a government job or welfare and the majority don't have gov jobs... but welfare never pays enough [funny thing about Marxism, nobody ever has enough $] so they subsidize with crime. Now we've bred super psychopath criminals and the Left will even deny that fact. Those women cheering at a stabbing are psychopaths, the people doing the stabbing are psychopaths... a gangbanger got his throat cut almost right in front of my previous residence and some women were out there yelling at the guy while he bled to death in the middle of the street.... cheering and jeering... welcome to America after decades of Marxism!!

    The NAACP did a poll a few years ago and it was revealed that older Black people's biggest worry was their grandchildren! They feared the gangbanging psychopaths that their own policies had created!!

    Later for this shit, my heart will have to bleed in some other lifetime, I moved to an ALL WHITE community where it takes some long coin to make it and a gangbanger will stand out like a sore thumb when the shit hits the fan like it does from time to time...
  4. +1

    Mav, MOVE!

    I did not read the comments below the vid because I know 99% of em would not say it to a black man's face, so it's moot.

    But again, MOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE!!!!
  5. Ricter


    Nice cartoon. For a capitalist cartoon, see Dickens, Charles.
  6. That actually didn't look like your prototypical mob attack. Looked like your classic drug/alcohol/stupidity induced teen fight. Nonetheless, not good for the neighborhood.
  7. This is not your standard flash mob where whites and/or private property are the victims. In this case, they're attacking their own. That's a relief. [​IMG]
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    Seriously...move where? I'm all ears...
  9. BSAM


    Personally speaking, if I lived in Chicago, I'd just point my car in any direction and start driving.
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    I don't live in a bad neighborhood, and I do not read the local news, so I only hear secondhand about the violent crime that is occurring in this city. I can't remember a story about violent crime in a wealthy neighborhood, that would be interesting since it's not the norm. Typically, the crimes are in our infamous areas, where the poor live.
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