They'll never learn

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  1. Some shines are just too stupid to understand you don't resist when there is no reason to resist.. All this over a jaywalking ticket? Cop should have beat her with a club.
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    I'd be OK with him shooting the bitch.
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    The girls resisted detainment, then physically assaulted the officer. Then, resisted arrest.

    The cop probably made it clear the girls were being issued a citation for jay-walking, which, they evidently tried to escape. Hence, his attempt to physically restrain them.

    That's a tough situation. The Cop had no backup. Both hands were tied up, holding one girl and fighting off the other. Surrounded by an unsympathetic crowd. The cop seemed unsure of himself. He had every right to use more severe force since the girl assaulted him.

    Very stupid on the part of the two black girls.
  4. Good grief it took him 2:30 minutes to cuff her? He'd better work on that.
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    That's what I thought. Rookie, maybe.
  6. Who gives out citations for jay-walking anymore?
  7. Next time he should remember to bring his taser or maybe two of them.
  8. LOL still fantasizing off about shooting somebody are you Lucrum.
  9. I'm torn on this. One part of me asks, what the hell ya' doing giving tickets for jaywalking, and the another part say's he should have beat the little bitch senseless. He's probably getting some grief questioning his fire power. Good clean shot and the girl was still standing.
    You couldn't pay me enough to be an inner city cop. A thankless, difficult, no win situation job, day in and day out. No wonder they go nuts.
  10. No wrestling champ there. Should have got her on the ground to cuff her.
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